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The Friendly Group Backpacker Hostel has been kind enough to offer Distorted attendees a discount on their accommodation.

***Please be aware that this discount is only available until the dedicated rooms have been filled. Given that December 10th is a peak time you will need to book now in order to secure your accommodation***

This hostel is literally across the road from the venue for Distorted, so it is in an ideal location.

December is typically a time where Hostels are offering their peak rates for accommodation, however The Friendly Group have offered Distorted attendees low season rates.

These rates are:
Dorms: $25 per night or $147 for a week
Doubles: (limited) $74 per night.

All you have to do to claim this discount is, when booking, mention that you are going to be attending the Distorted Festival and that you want to book at the discounted rate. Then, when you arrive at the Hostel, all you have to do is show your ticket and your discount will be implemented.

For more information on the Hostel and further booking information visit their website

Bookings can be made here
or by calling: 1800 671 115
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