December 9th, 2005


new DISTORTED set times

Due to cancellations and a number of other logistics, the set times for the day are now likely to be as follows.

Please note that these may vary again...the best bet is to get to the venue early and check the postings on the wall to ensure that you don't miss your favorite acts!

Stage 1
2:45pm Defused Fusion
3:45pm n0nplus
4:45pm Jetlag
5:45pm Delta of Venus
6:45pm EPA
7:45pm Black Lung
8:45pm Enduser
10:00pm Mono No Aware
11:15pm Architect
12:30am Converter
1:45am Scorn
3:00am Klima DJ Set

Stage 2
2:00pm Vespine
2:45pm Mechanised Convulsions
3:30pm Null Hypothesis
4:15pm Noistruct
5:00pm Cambion
5:45pm Xian
6:30pm Killjoy
7:15pm The Crystalline Effect
8:00pm Maladroit
8:45pm The Mutagen Server (Zen Paradox vs Ollie Olsen)