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Communities [13 Nov 2006|10:07pm]

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  • hotfuss_xx Looks & Personality.

  • himegyaru Princess Gals!
  • [oops] [08 Aug 2006|07:20pm]

    I think you may have noticed I haven't updated in a long, long time. My life just got extremely busy, I hardly have time for making any of my own graphics anymore.
    I'm sure I'll make a couple more icon batches soon, I just don't know of what yet.

    Also, my server temporarily crapped out on me so I don't know if any of my icons are visible anymore. Would anyone like to chime in for me and tell me if they are or not? I can see them but I'm not sure if others can. If not, I need to find another place to host them.

    If I started making icons again, what would you like to see? I need some input.

    Thank you,
    The Moderator.
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    mixed batch! [02 Mar 2006|08:03pm]

    This Community will be Members Only Viewing SOON.
    Join and add this community to your friends list.

    I have mono. ;___; Since I don't have much to do, I made some more icons.

  • Kamikaze Girls
  • Random Anime/Manga bases (non customizable)!
    Including: Peach Girl, Paradise Kiss, Ah Megami Sama, XXXHolic, etc.
  • NANA
  • MISC text

    Weak in the knees is all I can beCollapse )
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    Iconz [27 Feb 2006|10:31am]

    Hello, I am the new moderator. Not really new, but this is my new journal.
    So in other words, I am back.

    People need to add this community to their friends list, pronto. And they need to comment when they take something of mine. If you don't comment, well okay, but credit is necessary at all times.
    Don't let me catch you not crediting. I'll throw your ass out.

    Here are a collection of icons I never got around to posting because I am LAZY.

  • Fashion photography
  • Jrock artists (miyavi, aoi from gazette, etc)
  • Sailor Moon
  • Victorian Photoshoot
  • Misc

    Over 40 icons under the cutCollapse )
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    MUZAK. [13 Dec 2005|09:42am]

    Music Post!

    This post contains JAPANESE MUSIC, ONLY. If that does not interest you, do not bother looking behind this cut.

    Japanese Music For You and You and YOUCollapse )
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    Mixed bag;; [07 Dec 2005|01:13pm]

    A good mix of stuff for you today.

  • PGSM icon, header and FO banners
  • Gyaru (Japanese Gals)
  • Naomi Watts
  • JPOP singers
  • Fashion/Models
  • ETC.

    22 icons, 1 header and 4 Friends Only banners under cutCollapse )
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    mod post;; [05 Dec 2005|10:06pm]


    I've come here with a couple links and updates.

    First off:
    17 Page EGG December magazine scan.
    No hotlinking. Save images onto your own computer. Thanks.

    Also, as some of you may know I have had quite a few icon journals over the past year or so. I'd like to point you in the direction to mafioso_icons. There are quite a few icons there that some of you may be interested in (quite a few SM icons).

    PLEASE, put this community on your FRIENDS LIST to keep up with updates.

    I'm going to make all posts Friends Only viewing from now on. That means you will have to join the community to see my icons. Please do so.

    If you have suggestions or know what you'd like to see in some new graphics, leave me a comment and let me know.
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    a cup o' holiday cheer;; [03 Dec 2005|05:57pm]

  • Sailor Moon
  • Other assorted icons
    30 Icons

    Santa baby, please hurry down the chimney tonightCollapse )
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    laffy taffy;; [15 Nov 2005|06:40pm]

    This post is being made public for promotion reasons.

    If you like my icons, join the community to see more in the future. It's THAT simple. I will not be making public posts in the future. My graphics are on LOCKDOWN.

    28 Icons Under the CutCollapse )
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    Members Only;; [06 Nov 2005|05:43pm]

    Hello, this community is closed to members only.

    If you would like to see the icons, please become a member.

    The current icon-makers here are:

    Resources, ExtraCollapse )

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