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clearly, my boyfriend is the best one out there.

Ox BeMyEscape x: i loooove you.
SmileInUrSleep42: i love you more
Ox BeMyEscape x: nope
SmileInUrSleep42: i honestly do
Ox BeMyEscape x: no you don't.
SmileInUrSleep42: yes and im willing to prove that even if it takes me all my life <3

He says the cutest things. ♥

yellow sunglasses


so its a 3 day weekend because we have school off tomarrow because of hurricane wilma
(gosh wilma, go back to bedrock! lmao)
but i had soo much fun so far this weekend
on friday night i hung out with kelly
because the homecoming game was moved from friday night to saturday
and the dance is next weekend now instead (*so sad*)
but we went for pizza and just chilled it was fun
then yesterday i went and got my nails done with ashley
then we went to my house and talked to my mom for a bit
(to ask her if ash could sleep over. she said yea)
so we went to her house to get her stuff and she need to talk to ben.
long story, don't ask.
then we went to hooters for wings, but we didn't end up staying
because everyone was looking at us like we were freaks
so we went to boston market instead
then we went back to ashleys because we didn't know what to do
and we ended up going to bills
then we all came to my house after we chilled at bills for like an hour
we watched fevor pitch
then we took some random pictures
which are right hereCollapse )
then i took bill home at like 1
and ashley and i went to bed

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