Alicia (x3_alicia_c) wrote in __dinoxrawrr,

The dinosaur ate my telephone!!!

Name: Alicia Cunliffe
Age: 14 (15 in 3 months! permit!)
Location: Beverly Hills, Florida
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

10 Favorite Bands:
+National Product
+The click five
+the all american rejects
+Hawthrone Hights
+From first to last

5 Bands you hate:
+ Basically just anything screamo, i dont really have any whole bands that i hate.

3 Favorite Books:
+ Say goodnight gracie
+ Speak
+ A child called it

5 Favorite Movies:
+pirates of the caribbean
+sixteen candles
+the breakfast club
+the notebook

Choose a topic of your own, and give us your opinion on it
[[Opinion must be more than one sentence]]
Topic: Capital Punishment
Im 100% against it. Personally I think it is the easy way out. Who would rather sit in death row for all your life, then get it over w/ && die. If this person did a crime so bad to get them into death row, (such as murdering a child) they should rot in prison.

Promote in 2 places

Pictures [At least 4, Maximum 15] :

1.Image hosted by
^^^me && my wonderful boyfriend John [4-22-05] before homecoming
2.Image hosted by
3.Image hosted by
^^me && my sister
4.Image hosted by
5.Image hosted by
6.Image hosted by
7.Image hosted by
8.Image hosted by
^^far right
9.Image hosted by
10.Image hosted by
11.Image hosted by
12.Image hosted by
Most of these pics were takin in the same day w/ my sister :)


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