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Name: Kendra
Age: 14
Location: Massachusetts
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

10 Favorite Bands:
+ circa survive
+ therefore i am
+ normajean
+ the format
+ vanna
+ panic! at the disco
+ across five aprils
+ gatsby's american dream
+ saosin
+ boy's night out

5 Bands you hate:
+ good charlotte
+ elmwood
+ I don't really hate that many bands.

3 Favorite Books:
+ shut the door
+ to kill a mockingbird
+ the perks of being a wallflower

5 Favorite Movies:
+ st. elmo's fire
+ fight club
+ garden state
+ a walk to remember
+ fast times at ridgemont high

Choose a topic of your own, and give us your opinion on it
[[Opinion must be more than one sentence]]
Topic: plastic surgery
Opinion: I think that plastic surgery is good in most cases. I believe that if a person really has such a low self-esteem and they feel they need to change something about themself to be happy then plastic surgery is great. I don't think plastic surgery is good if a person is changing themself to be liked by someone else then it's pretty lame.

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Pictures [At least 4, Maximum 15] :
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I can't get to my other pictures because my computer won't let me get to my other files :(


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