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Hello everyone! It's nice to be on this side of the fence so to speak... Thankyou! :P Just thought you might all appreciate an insight into something rather beautiful...

Today, my boyfriend Sam, our friends- Jack and Mathew, and me, went to our city-centre park to visit the norfolk fair, and the 'Lunarium'... we hadn't any idea what was in store for us; but Sam's mum told us that she had seen it in her 'youth' in Norwich, and that it was astounding. It was basically this giant inflatable building in the middle of the park, with loads of luminous rooms inside, with tunnels connecting them. There was also really trippy music playing inside, and because we were basically inside a giant tent like, baloon thing- there was a pressure change aswell, which was unreal.

Anyway... It speaks for itself...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The blue luminous room had an amazing luminous patterned ceiling!
Image Hosted by

Sam in the blue room...
Image Hosted by

Me eating haribo 'tangfastics', having a wail of a time ;P
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Strange effects in the red room...
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