And as one thing is beginning, another thing must die.

If anyone can place and recognize the subject of this entry, that person is the best.

Anyways, i don't know if there's anyone here still left. But, if there is, you may have noticed that the community has, well, died.

Please don't worry your pretty little selves, though. Dical2themax lives on. The new community holding out this legacy is abstractworld. abstractworld is strictly only for very rad people. It's pretty much the best community ever. I strongly encourage you all to check it out and join and contribute.

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Wow. Dical to the max used to be so cool. Maybe we SHOULD make it rad ass again.

It's a great place for promoting, yo.

This community looks fun and funny whoa whoa whoa.

That's all.
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Feeding a ghost

I declare this community officially dead. Ali can debate, but i totally still declare it officially dead with however much authority i may (or may not) have... even if i have none.

*Waits for Ali to debate.*

God, putting actions in *'s automaticly makes you seem extremely stupid and such, eh?

Oh well.

I never claimed anything diffrent about myself.

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