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Honoring the Goddess of Baked Goods

(Especially Muffins)

DEISM - Honoring the Goddess Trilogy & Baked Goods
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DEISM :: About

In honor of the esteemed Goddess Trilogy -- Abby, Aly and Tig -- I complete my vow of service. By providing Her a place of worship, I have created a monastery in which Her followers and worshippers may congregate and revere all that is under Her jurisdiction.
- P.

This community is for the Worshippers and Friends of the Goddess Trilogy -- Abby, Aly and Tig -- of Baked Goods (especially muffins). It was created as ordered by the Goddess herself. The name of this community was not based off of its literal translation (a form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation), but from the prefix "dea" in Latin ("dea" meaning "goddess").

__deism was created by pathopoeia on February 19, 2005. It is currently moderated by pathopoeia and occasionally tweaked by almost_without.

Dogma :: Rules and Beliefs

Worshippers, Followers and even Friends of the Goddess believe, glorify and hold true the following creed:

1. The Goddess is the All and the All is the Goddess, in concerns to all baked goods (especially muffins) and Minnesota (especially Minneapolis).

Channeling :: Links to the Goddess Trilogy

The Goddess' Esteemed LiveJournal: almost_without
The Goddess' Esteemed Website: http://morning-theft.imess.net/index.htm
The Goddess' Esteemed Icons: tigilicious

The Goddess' Esteemed Communities:
Co-Mod: legolas_eowyn - LOTR fanon pairing of Legolas & Éowyn
Mod: rohirric_fic - Fan fiction based on Rohirrim from LOTR


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