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Whatever It Takes

We Can Always Make It Through

Awesome Degrassi RP
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All Members , Moderated
welcome to __degrassi__rp_!

Your name:
Your Age:
Where you live:
Character you want to play:
Link to your first entry:
3 facts about your character:

1)You must update at least three times a week. Weeks run in intervals between Friday-Thursday. If at any given time, something comes up, please inform one of the maintainers so we know and don't put you on the cut list.
2)This is not a first come, first serve community. Please fill out the application and post it in THIS ENTRY. Please have a first entry in your journal before applying.
3)We're not following the episodes, but rather using original storylines. You're more than welcome to make references, but asdide from that, its your call. Don't do anything too drastic, and if you think it may be, then consult one of the maintainers beforehand.
4)All new members will be on "probation" for their first week in the community, to be sure we feel they are fit for the role. If we accept you you role-play as if everything is completely normal, and a week after your acceptance to the community, we'll let you know if you're accepted permanently.
5)To prove you read the rules put DTNG LIKE WOAH at the end of your comment.
6) This journal MUST only be for this RP, not any other. Not doing this to be mean..simply doing it so as not to confuse any story lines whatsoever!
7) You MUST have an AIM name for your character and be on at least three days a week.
8)You must add everyone accepted..and only when they are accepted by one of the mods... to your friend's list.
9)All OOC posts in the community must state that it is OOC in the subject!
10) You must promote at least once and leave a comment in THIS ENTRYYwith the community you have posted in.
11) all entries in the community must be friends only, that way the application and promotion posts are always available to people!!!

Alex: ___badalex
Amy: amy_luvs_you
Ashley Kerwin: emokashmoney
Chester Bloom:
Chris Sharpe:
Craig Manning: lord_stud_craig
Dylan Michalchuk:
Ellie Nash: ellienashxo
Emma Nelson: green_piece
Hazel Aden:
Heather Sinclaire:
Jay Hogart: jay_hogart
Jimmy Brooke:
JT Yorke:
Kendra Mason:
Liberty Van Zandt: libbsvz
Manny Santos: reformed_whore
Marco Del Rossi: marco_delrossi_
Matt Oleander:
Paige Michalchuk: princess__paige
Rick Murray:
Sean Cameron:
Spinner Mason:
Terri McGreggor:
Toby Isaacs:
Tyler Bishop:

Caitlin Ryan
Danny Van Zandt
Joey Jeremiah
Mr. Armstrong
Mr. Raditch
Mrs. Kwan
Ms. Hatzilakos
Nadia Jamir
Archie "Snake" Simpson
Spike Nelson-Simpson

Alex: alexwearshoops
Amy: braclets4amy
Ashley Kerwin: abeautifulxliar
Ellie Nash: ellienashxo
Emma Nelson: missemman
Jay Hogart: omgitsjayhogart
Liberty Van Zandt: libbsvz
Manny Santos: manuella heart u
Marco Del Rossi: MeMyMarcoDR
Paige Michalchuck:XOPrincessPaige

Meredith: ellienashxo
Vanessa: princess__paige
Bobby: marco_delrossi_

you can im the mods with any questions:
Meredith: elliexonash
Vanessa: XOPrincessPaige
Bobby: MeMyMarcoDR

credit for rules 1-4 goes to: degrassirp_