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DecemberIcons is a graphic posting community. In this community you can find a variety of graphics that I and other makers have made. This community was opened on July 18,2005. As of right now, this community is has open membership, which means that all you have to do in order to join is go here.

R u l e s;

01.Comment when taking any graphics.02.Credit is required for anything that is posted here. Credit should be given (preferably) to the indivisual maker+community.03.NO direct linking.04.Do not cutomize anything in this journal. This includes textless icons.05.Do not redistribute these graphics anywhere.06.Graphics are only for use on livejournal. They may not be used on gj, dj, etc.07.Makers should not be bothered at their personal journals for anything graphic related.08.Not following any of these rules will result in you being banned.
M a k e r s;

____hiphop- maintainer; maker.
veracitygal- maintainer; maker.

Would you like to become a maker? Comment here with some examples of your work.
A f f i l i a t e s;

circulatory dearcouture graviity_iicons missizzodesigns ohpaintbrush outside_icons over__indulged quiet_icons riot_designs scarlet_designs showgirldesigns swinglines telegraph_icons throwingchairs urban_qraphicsz

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