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MOD POST: stuff.

Unfinished pieces of work for my writers class.

This is for a story for my writers class. i have no idea where to go with it. But i thought i'd post it anyway.

I sat in the corner, the room completely dark aside from the bar of light sneaking under the closed door.
Sobs threatened to shatter my lungs as i held my breath, not wanting him to take satisfaction from my tears.
Slowly, i let the air escape. i could still feel the fear boiling in the pit of my stomach. My eyes squeezed shut and i hugged my knees to my chest.
His shadow danced along that bar of light, mockingly. Fear engaged me and suddenly I couldn't breathe as I watched that shadow pace back and forth. The floorboards vibrated softly beneath me.

and then this bit is supposed to have something to do with the other bit. somehow. we aren't sure yet.

The screaming never stops inside our house.
They aren't always filled with pain. Sometimes it's laughter, anger, lust, hate.
But rarely were they filled with happiness.

that last line is cheesy. and cliche. ugh.

This community is dying. not that it was really alive in the first place.
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