MOD POST: Promotion stuff: Moderator haylor gets pissy.

Alright kids.

we have a grand total of five members. better than three. not as great as 30. so. can we get some promotionage happening? below is codes to promote with.

under the cut below are the codes of the other banners. so if you get sick of these ones, feel free to use others. (I'm using ninja!ryan too, but if ryona does not appreciate this, i will take them down.)

it'd be grand to get some more members + entries. GRAND I tell you. if not, i shall cry. and that's not something you really want to see.

so, go forth and promote the word of decastrophe or ye shall lose their goat.

also, sometime by the end of tonight we shall have a joyous new layout that you can actually READ. i know you're as excited as i am. meep.

love, moderator haylor.

Click the cut you maniacs.

Bannerage. A must for all promotees.Collapse )
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