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Dead Phucks

Because We're Fucked

we've all gone dead
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All Members , Moderated
This is a rating community based on motherfucking personality and music taste, and whether or not you're an asshole.


Brian keysandstripes

Heather spazticmisfit

Rules for the world

-no racism
-no sexism
-no prejudice
-no porn
-no "oh i'm horny someone cyber me"
-no "fuck you you stupid slut"
-no "fnsdh htrhj ytrhjtdfhjdgf htr"

Rules for kids inside

-be honest when voting
-don't judge by looks or else you'll be stabbed... twice...
-vote and promote

Rules for kids trying out

-don't be a bitch if we're a bitch. we're allowed, you're not. we'll ban your ass.
-use a fucking lj cut for your application or die in hell.
-don't post any other shit unless you've been stamped or else we will feed off of your dirty rotten flesh
-don't be a dumbass and say "uhh... yeah..." elaborate a little bit, and give reasons, or else.
-if we said no to your lame ass and you try again, we'll physically rape your ears with big poolsticks
-apply within 3 days of joining

Applicate this way::

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
59 times the pain, 88 fingers louie, 98 mute, a global threat, afi, against all authority, against me, agent orange, agnostic front, all, anti-flag, anti-heros, anti-nowhere league, anti-product, antidote, aus rotten, bad religion, black flag, blanks 77, blondie, bombshell rocks, bouncing souls, buzzcocks, bzoink, catch 22, caustic christ, chaos uk, choking victim, circle jerks, clit 45, conflict, crass, crucial unit, dead fucking last, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, death by stereo, descendents, destruction made simple, discharge, down by law, dropkick murphys, endless struggle, fear, flogging molly, floorpunch, fugazi, gadjits, gas huffer, gbh, good riddance, green day, guttermouth, h2o, halloween, joykiller, kill your idols, king django, lagwagon, leftover crack, los dryheavers, lower class brats, madball, madsin, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, minor threat, music, mustard plug, nekromantix, new bomb turks, nofx, oi polloi, operation ivy, osker, pennywise, pipedown, poison idea, pulley, punk, ramones, rancid, real mckenzies, reel big fish, refused, river city rebels, rkl, sex pistols, sham 69, sick of it all, ska, skankin pickle, snfu, sonic youth, static-x, straight faced, strung out, subhumans, sublime, ten foot pole, the adicts, the adolescents, the casualties, the clash, the code, the cure, the damned, the devotchkas, the dickies, the distillers, the exploited, the forgotten, the germs, the humpers, the liars, the methadones, the misfits, the offspring, the partisans, the subhumans, the transplants, the unseen, the vandals, the varukers, the voids, thought riot, tiger army, tool, total chaos, tsol, tsunami bomb, uk subs, union 13, us bombs, vice squad, violent femmes, virus nine, vision, voo doo glow skulls, voodoo glow skulls, wasted youth, whatever it takes, x ray spex, x-ray spex, youth brigade, zeke