No Regrets

Hey, if your bored or care about underground punk bands

Check us out, Were a punk band from Detroit, Michigan.Add us if you like us and leave a comment, or if you hate us and want to tell us we suck.

Main influences are shitty bands like Nofx, Bad Religion and the Suicide Machines.

Thanks for your time

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Name:Genevieve Lemieux
Age: 22
Gender: female
Location: Montreal, quebec, Canada
Birthdate: february 10, 1983
20+ bands you like: Annie Anxiety,Berurier noir,Black Flag,Brigada,Choking Victims,Conflict,Crass,D.R.I,Dead Kennedys,Dirt,Exploited,Flux of Pink Indians,G.B.H,Heyoka,Leftover Crack,Lucrate Milk,Nacked Aggression,Ramones,Rudimentary Peni,SexPistols,Sham 69,Stratford Mercenaries,Subhumans,Casualities,Clash,Vandals,Virus,UK Subs,Zounds, Les vieilles saloppes
A movie you like:Battle royale
Favorite Food:rasberry

So, what's up today? Im good, like always;)
How do you feel about most people? Every one have their reason to act like they do, I dont judge, but i try to make them understand...
What famous person do you think is a huge fuckhole and why? Bush..i dont have to explain

...why we have to do an application..oh well. hi everyone.
my shadow


i could have sworn this community was fuckin' dead... literally.. okay, so most of you fuckers don't know why the mods haven't been doing shit. i had problems with my LJ at ikickyourhead and had to get a new journal. i forgot about this place. i suppose heather is just lazy and forgot. so, we're gonna need some new mods. i'll pick 'em in the next few days or so, so don't worry.

now start promoting again. i want to get some fuckin' people in here, so we can all chill and shit.

note: i AM the old mod, ikickyourhead, i just got a new screenname and remembered about this place. fuck yeah.
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has anyone else here picked up the new dropkick murphys album? what do you think of it? it just came out a few weeks ago and i can't stop listening to it. I really love the title track, the warriors code. if you don't have the album yet you can listen to a few of the songs here on Epitaph's site. has anyone seen them on warped tour this summer? what did you think of their show? boston's boys are doing it again!