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__ddr's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

This is a community about porkslope



(2) Do not be hurtful to anyone in this community unless they are (a) zadra (b) kittyanya (c) JAX THE BAT (d) anyone below (e) frodo

This includes:
-vampirefreaks members
-myspace angles
-stephanie from lazytown
-shitty scores on beginner
-wash your snailers
-multiple necks
-atari dumbledore

You will get no warnings. If you continue to exhibit this behavior after the two warnings we probably won't do anything.

(3) This is about community and the rubbing peens together of people who have the same interest, remember that.

When posting for the first time don't.:

But if you have to, think of something creative, or post this (HI THIS IS AN OXYMORON):

Name –
Age –
Formula for Area in cubits -
Time playing DDR in UNIX timestamp–
Favorite Slow DDR Song (130-190bpm) –
Favorite Upbeat DDR Song (300-600bpm) –
Favorite song to freestyle/dance to (let them move) –
In your opinion, what makes a good DDR-er-er-er-er-er-er-er-er? – zadra
Any strange/bizarre accomplishments? –
Level? (I'm a level 37 weeaboo)–
Play any other bemani? what, and what're your favorite songs? -
Music Preference? -
Picture (preferably of you, playing DDR. Or, just a picture. Or maybe just a picture of a DDR related picture.)

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parker gets the chief a ginat ass-fuck coffee