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 Hey every one! 
Im curretly trying to recover from an eating disorder, but Im having trouble letting go of the 'ballet body'. Im fine with my legs and stoach, but I was wondering, if I started doing push ups and bicep curls etc, will I get massively bulky arms? Im trying to regain my health, but Im scared of 'bulking up' massively, as its important to me that I remain slender for ballet. So can anyone recommend arm exercises that dont cause bulk?
And advice is greatly appriciated =)
Forgive me, this is cross posted.

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I suppose I should do an introduction type post?

Well, my name is Amy, and I basically love to dance. I took different forms of it for eight years (jazz mostly) from ages 4 - 12, then had to quit for four years because of time/money issues. I got back into it last September by taking ballet classes again, and I am very upset that I had the time gap in there, otherwise I would be so much better than I am now. I'm currently continuing taking ballet classes, and I am also on my school's dance team. We do a poms routine (yuck), a jazz routine, and I believe a hip-hop routine, but I'm not sure. Dance team camp is this weekend, and we're showing off our poms routine, along with my modern/lyrical solo that I coreographed. I'm very nervous about the solo, but hopefully it will all go well.

I hope to make some new friends on here!

ballet shows

when I visited new york city recently I went to Lincoln Center and saw ABT perform Swan Lake. it was awesome! it was the last night so it was super hard to get tickets. paloma herrera and angel corella were performing together, again. they were also in a don quixote pas de deux.  they are both so talented. paloma is so graceful and her technique is outstanding. same with angel. 
when I go back home to Los Angeles I'm definitely going to try and c ABT again at the LA music center. also the State Street ballet a the ford ampitheatre.

ballet troubles

hey, i'm new to this group. so here's my story. I started dancing ballet at 7, but then quit when I was around 10 or 11, cant remember. I recently went back to ballet last year at this local studio. I thought I was doing pretty well, I got the hang of the movements and familiarized myself again with all the terms. I started in ballet 2 for teens, and I was hoping to go onto ballet 3, and then the next level would be pointe. my goal in dance is to be on pointe. It looks so pretty and fun. anyway my teacher said I had to stay in ballet 2! I'm bummed out. now my plan to pointe is all messed up.  I'm technically a senior in high school now. I guess I'll still be on demi pointe in college.

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dear colleagues

my name is Catherine.
I work in Moscow State theatre "New ballet".
Last year we got the premier of plastic ballet to
Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.
We’ve shown it on different stages in Russia and now
We’d like to present it abroad.
There is a lot of information on net about dance and ballet festival,
But some of them don’t exist any more, some have outdated contacts.
Do you know any real festivals which are open to invite
Contemporary ballet troupe?
Or may be stage or theatre which can help with tour organization?

also we'd like to propose a joint project with foreign specialist,
for example we'll invite a choreographer and he (or she) will stage
any ballet he want in our theatre with our troupe.
Or there can be other ways of cooperation .
for further information write me:

Thank you in advance.

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Hey every one! 
I started ballet for the year last night, and een though I've been working hard during the holidays, I was really cramping last night. I've never cramped in ballet before, and I think that might be because I havent been doing everything right before. So Im hoping the cramping just means Im getting the correct muscle groups. Though it got so bad my teacher had to stop the class to help me stretch out my calves, which was embarrasing. So my question is: Does any one know ways to help cramping in class? Ways to prevent it, and also ways to stretch it out if it happens? 

And some good news. My teacher said I can start pointe this year! Keeping in mind I've only danced for a little less than a year now, Im really happy. 

Thanks for reading, I hope every ones having a beautiful day!!
Luv Loz xoxo