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Damaged Goods

Massachusetts Rock

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This is the original community for fans of the band Damaged Goods, created and moderated by ___letterstoyou.

Damaged Goods Is:
Jesse Silva - Bass
Ted Bolduc - Drums
Matt Dumont - Vocals/Guitar
Alex Dufresne - Vox
Mike Chasse - Guitar/Vocals

About Damaged Goods
In the summer of 1999, 3 kids decided there would be something better to do then sit around all summer long. These 3 kids, Ted Bolduc (Drums/Vocals), Matt Dumont (Vocals/guitar) and Jesse Silva (Bass), formed the band Damaged Goods, in order to help get over the boredom of the summer in their small town in Massachusetts. The idea was just something to do, and the three of them didn't think that anything would come of it. Three years later, these 3 young men had no idea they would have played Warped Tour 2001, seen all of New England, and shared the stage with such bands as River City High (VA), Alkaline Trio (IL), The Stryder (LI), Autopilot Off (NY), The Gameover (DE), Junction 18, Big D & The Kids Table, Showcase Showdown, The Mighy Mighty Bossotnes, The Explosion, The Goodwill (NY), Smackin Isaiah, And So It Begins (ME), Moneen (Canada), and many more of the bands they looked up to for influence. In the beginning, Damaged Goods just played music for the fun, and were compared to any of the pop punk bands of the day, such as Greenday and Blink182. After a rotation of guitarists and singers, they now have a solid line up with Alex Dufresne on vocals, as well as former roadie Mike Chasse on guitar, and have matured into a sound comparable to Saves the Day or New Found Glory, but at times with the aggression of No Use for a Name and NOFX.
No longer just a pop punk band, Damaged Goods has played everywhere, with the help of no one but themselves. They put out their own CD's, booked all their own shows, and used their personalities to make contacts, not a manager or an agent. Each show, no matter if there are 10 or 10,000 people, is played as if it is the last, making sure that 100% is put into every show. They have made their own T-shirts and CD's, and sold them for just about nothing, in order to get their name out. Not caring about money, but more about the music. The band has also been known to play acoustic in the street, just to promote themselves. Ted, Matt, and Jesse also turned a local Town Center into one of the only all ages venues in the area, in order to help bands get shows that have helped them, and also to help touring bands as well. Many of the shows had turnouts of about 200 people, and for all these shows, the three advertised and promoted it themselves. They paid each of the bands accordingly, knowing the trouble it can be to tour in a band.

Speaking of tour, over the past summer, Damaged Goods hit the road for the first time as the new lineup, and rocked everywhere from Chicago, to North Dakota, to Florida, and all points in between. The tour lasted about 20 days, and the band was able to see 20 different states on the door. The shows were all booked without the help of a manager, sticking to the DIY attitude the band has. By putting everything into each show, the band was able to sell over 300 cds in the course of this tour, and had over 200 new sign-ups on the bands mailing list. People had nothing but positive things to say about the band. At the end of the tour, the band tallied up sales and noticed that over 800 shirts that the band had screened themselves over the past year have been sold.

Damaged Goods. Expect them to be rocking out in a town near you. Expect to have a good time, and to be singing their songs in your head for days. If none of the above, meet five of some of the hardest working and nicest people in music.