best contest ever(bands read this)

send a presskit along with a $20 entry fee(your band can enter as many times as it likes, the more you enter the better your chances are)
how do you win?
all of the entries will be places in a jar, and the winner will be pulled dec 18th at "the punk rock prom"
why would you want to be on allaboutrecords?
allaboutrecords has been putting on shows and releasing music by local bands for almost 10 years. Currently we run an allages venue/record store in south eastern ma. Your band would become part of a family of bands(in one form or another) that have gone on to bigger labels including: nitro, revelation, triple crown, deathwish, iodine, think fast, side cho, the militia group, and others.
what do you get if you win?
allaboutrecords will press 1000 copies of your next release, catalog # aar-026.
We also have the capibilities to handle booking and merch if needed.
your release will have full distro along with all the other allaboutrecords releases.

send presskits to
27 flintlock rd
taunton ma 02780

services now available

so ive gotten my shit back together and can now provide the following

t shirts
up to 2 colors
starting at 4 bucks each

email for qoutes

100 buttons for $20
500 buttons for $70
1000 buttons for $150

booking agency
looking for bands

cd duplication/replication
cdr's/cd's available
email for qoutes

email for qoutes

record label
currenty backed up with projects until spring

always looking for more bands


tour help/show trades

ok so im in need of some more help
and im willing to book any bands that help at allaboutrecords when they come through mass

eighty six
aug dates
Plymouth MA, southeastern MA* : 13th
Rhode Island*: 14th
Connecticutt: 15th and or 16th
Metro area surrounding NYC(NY, Long Island, sotheast CT, etc)*: 17, 18, and or 19th
NJ: 20th and or 21st
Eastern Pennsylvania or D.C.: 22nd
Albany or upstate NY: 23rd
Vermont: 24th
NH: 25th
Greater Boston Area, Worcester, boston*:27, 28th

actions in objects

aug dates
22 - gloucester*
23 - NY/NJ
24 - NY*/NJ
25 - PA*
26 - DE
27 - MD
28 - WV*
29 - VA*
30 - DC*
31- CT
1 - the hoss

anything you can do please let me know



may 14th: overdrive home, 40 second love story, a porcelain hope,
may 21st: cru jones, the skeptics, damaged goods, overdrive home,
as tall as lions(triple crown).down to earth approach (vagrant)
may 22nd: lost city angels, the marvels, every forty seconds, d-day
may 28th: 40 second love story, lucas, myenemymyself, punch out
may 29th: the cheat, four years strong, bleach
june 4th: the lido Venice, cyclub
june 5th: the ship will sink(nj),an arrow in flight(ca), now denial, the taste of silver
june 11th: brains in danger, pretty faces, the call up
june 12th: outsmarting simon (triple crown recs), Paulson(initial recs), more tba
june 18th: damaged goods, capital radio, 40 second love story, stolen bike crusade
june 19th: pajama jammy jam(must come in pajamas)
actions in objects, the cheat, the lido venice
june 25th: querencia
june 26th: the forever endeavor, sometimes she burns, Monday in London, in passing
july 2nd: defining moment, boxingwater, farewell to twilight
july 3rd: Alison model one, zero to sixty never,
july 16th: disconnect, the spotlight syndicate
july 24th: gatsby’s american dream, as tall as lions, slow coming day
july 31st: inforever, 40 second love story, the breathing process, call an ambulance
aug 1st: actions in objects
aug 6th: hell or highwater,
aug 13th: harley quinn
Providence: take the taunton ave exit on rte 195
follow rte 44 to the center of taunton. Allaboutrecords is on your right #31 main st
New Bedford: take 140 into taunton follow until you get downtown,
allaboutrecords is on your left.
Boston: take 24S to rte 44 towards taunton(follow above directions)

For more info: or
bang bang

All About Records Needs YOU (x posted)

My apologies in advance if this is not allowed

All About Records is a small label/venue out of South Mass specializing in local bands and local shows. Past bands on the label include:

all chrome (ferret records)
drained (martyr records)
closer than kin
tokyo rose(militia group/side cho records)
the chase scene(members of garrison/orange island)
smackin isaiah(know know as awilhelmscream, nitro records)
the action taken(members of haveXheart)
jericho(revelation/iodine records)
the forever endeavor(ex lanemeyer)
sometimes she burns

And Presently

damaged goods
farewell hope
the cheat

We need help! Please join the street team. The venue provides local and touring bands a place to play that is all ages. By joining the team you're not only helping us out but helping bands you love. You'll get hook ups whenever we can provide them and if you're in a band and need a MA tour date, you know where to look. I wont bombard you with emails, just one every two weeks. Flyer, forward emails to friends, post in your own LJ, whatever, just get the word out there. Dont think its worth it? Check out our show listing at and then decide.

If you're interested or have any questions please email
Sorry this was so long

-Reena Leone
Street Team and Publicity Coordinator