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Just a few quick notes:
Moderators CAN over rule the majority vote. We will not abuse this rule. We just have it so we can keep the community going in the direction that we intended it go in.

We will let you in if you show us how much you want to be in it and that you are dedicated. If you really want to be in, just tell how that, draw us a picture, what ever...it will help.

Applicant Rules:
1. you have to be hot. pretty. cute. you name it, you have to have it.
2. No putting yourself down saying "I look bad in these pictures" or anything like that because if you don't THINK your hot enough for us, then don't waste our time because we probably don't either.
3. make your subject to your application AWR so we know you read the rules.
4.You will be accepted or denied aproximently 48 hours from original post.
5. No complaining if you get denied. Its life, and theres a million more communities just like this so go bug them, not us.
6. put all applications under a cut.

Member Rules:
1. Once your accepted the subject for each post MUST be "stamped"
2. you must advertise once a week
3. When you vote you must clearly state a yes or a no....maybe's will be considered a no.
4. All pictures behind a cut please
5. Moderators CAN kick you out for legitamate reasons


Sexual Preference:
School (if not in school state why):

Favorites ( 3 of each)
TV shows:
Your Favorite out of anything:

Questions about YOU
What is your favorite physical feature
Whats the one thing about your physical appearence you wish you could change?
Are you high maitnence?
What is your favorite thing about your personality?
Least favorite?

Random Questions
Why do you want to be part of this community?
humor us:
Your opinion on love:
Whats your biggest annoyance?:
What are your hobbies?:
Are you talented? with what?:
Goals and ambitions for life:
Whats special about you?:
What are your least favorite things?:
Celebrity crushes:
Favorite season. why?:
create a game right now. desribe it to us. tell us the rules, how to win, everything.:

Pictures (at least 4 good quality pictures of yourself)

Accepted list
onepinktear peterswendy angeleyes_o49o libratarian sugarbananas xojustjackox wicked_dirty starrrcrossed twistdangel54 telepunx5 iwuvkate rubymay08