if i could fly, i could be happy


thanks guys! i wasnt aware it was a "lets bash tosha" club. just kill my self esteem why dont you!? jp, "words cant bring me down!" but yeah, if you didnt get it all, i'm tosha. Eden, the malyn sisters and i go way way WAY back. eden and i were the bestest best friends when we were in 1st and 2nd grade when we lived in tucson. then we both moved up north, Eden to cleavland and i to pittsburgh. but i moved to texas when she moved to michigan so we didnt get to see each other often enough! and how i miss my little eden! i got to see maggie this summer while i was up in la, it was nice to see how famously she was doing. it was so out of her character to just pack up and move to la! but yeah, if you want to know more about me, just read my little lj entries. kiss kiss! ~Tosha p.s. eden~ I saw a license plate with your name on it today while I was on lunch! I freaked out my friend cuz I screamed and pointed at the car while she was driving. Fun stuff!
if i could fly, i could be happy


Hah! i figured out how to do this thing! i am a genius! but anywhoo, here's my little application thing, ya'll will love me right?! *muah!*


Name: Tosha!!
Age: 16
Tucson Arizona!
Sex: I’m a chica!
Sexual Preference: boys boys boys
Single?: at the
(if not in school state why): junior at canyon del oro

Favorites ( 3 of each)
Bands: dashboard confessionals, three 6 mafia, mindless self indulgence
Movies: The Sweetest Thing (you’re too big to fit in HERE!) Cruel Intentions, Dogma
TV shows: Pimp my Ride, Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls
Songs: Don’t wanna be (gavin degraw)
firewater (yellowcard)  rock star (nerd)
Place: LOS ANGELAS!, anywhere as long as I’m w/ friends, in the water
Your Favorite out of anything: dreaming

Questions about YOU
What is your favorite physical feature: about me? Probably my hair, it’s full and my natural color! about guys, hrm… I have several preferences, abs, arms, hair is a big thing too
Whats the one thing about your physical appearance you wish you could change? Probably I would like a slimmer face, see I have huge cheeks, friends (my stupid ones that think they are funny, lol) call me sandy, like the squirrel from sponge bob cuz I’ve got the cheeks and I have a slight Texan accent
Are you high maitnence? Well, I’m picky
about some things, but not about others, like my boy better flatter me cuz that’s what he’s there for ya know?! But I really don’t care if other girls flirt w/ him or if he talks to someone else cuz I’m pretty confident and I don’t really get jealous easily. But if it’s a special occasion and my boy doesn’t get me anything I’m gonna be pissed cuz most likely I spent a bunch of time and money on your gift, I say this cuz last year for v-day, the gift I got from my boyfriend was a cheep necklace that I had to give back because he had STOLEN it from his mother, yeah I date great guys!
What is your favorite thing about your personality? I’m bubbly and honest, I’m pretty real
Least favorite? I’m cocky, I really need to get over that

Random Questions
Why do you want to be part of this community? Because I am hott!! And I love my
humor us: humor you eh? What exactly are you looking for here?...
Your opinion on love: rarity, but extremely phenomenal if reached, more likely are you loved by a friend than loved by a boy that wants your ass “I love you is 8 letters, so is bull shit”
Whats your biggest annoyance?: the cold sholder, I’d rather get screamed at than ignored (center of the attention at all times)
What are your hobbies?: singing, I sing the national anthem at most games and assemblies for school, shopping, diving, dancing, BEING A NERD!
Are you talented? with what?: all of those listed
Goals and ambitions for life: the first year or two of college I’m going to asu so I can just get use to the college jest, before leaving the state, then I’m going to go to cal state long beach to get a degree in fashion merchandising so I can get a kick ass job as a personal shopper! I’m so excited!
Whats special about you?: I’M ME! Enough said!
What are your least favorite things?: shit talkers, you have something to say, say it to ME
Celebrity crushes: ORLANDO BLOOM! Chad Michael Murray, Pharell, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones (dude, i know they’re chicks, but they are both just so gorgeous!)
Favorite season. why?: spring, because everyone is psyched
about school ending but its not as lonely as summer and its so hard to say goodbye to those who graduate
create a game right now. describe it to us. tell us the rules, how to win, everything.: okay, the game is a ridiculous scavenger hunt, the rules are you have to split up into 2 groups, then split the alphabet into 2 and group one gets the “odd” letters of the alphabet (like, a, c, e, g,…) then the 2nd group gets the “even” letters (b, d, f, h…). The two groups split up and drive around town with cameras. They have to go to a store or restaurant of each of their letters and try to get the employees or customers to do the most insane thing you can think of. For instance the group who has “M” might go to Mc Donald’s and try to convince 5 employees to do a pyramid.  The scavengers have to take a picture of the pyramid for it to be plausible. if using a camera in which the film needs to be developed (instead of say a Polaroid camera) take it to wal mart to the 1 hour photo. Then meet up and whoever’s team got the wackiest things, wins the game!

Pictures (at least 4 good quality pictures of yourself)

i dont exactly know how to do this part yet, but i do have a photobucket!:  

www.photobucket.com/albums/v641/xcountrycutiex  i am the one with all of the pictures after the beautiful bri and maylan sisters! Kiss Kiss!      ~Tosha!~