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Self-Harm Awareness and Advice
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Ok.. Heres the Deal.
You dont have to submit much Just this:
Why did you join?
Anything Else about you:

Feel free to post pictures of yourself,Your scars etc.Personally I dont care.Under an Lj cut if you do.
It really doesnt matter to me.
Also,Share your expieriences. You dont have to mention names.Use these people as anonymous.
Everything you post should be under and Lj cut.
And it should state what the topic is about.
No bitching either. I dont want other people saying "Oh,Your problems arent bad,Thats nothing."Its SOMETHING to that person. You ARE NOT the only one with problems.Its rediculous.You're no better than anyone else out there.Sorry to put it blankly,But I dont want anyones feelings hurt.STuff like that causes more cutting and other things.Oh, and PLEASE. Don't call people "insane" or "Phcho" we don't want that, and you're a bastard if you do.

About Me,Your Mod/person thing.Whatever I am.
Age:15,But i hear I act older.
Other: Just look at my Myspace if you wanna know.

If you want to know about me,Just ask. Drop me a comment. My user name's x__jupitercrash, but my Lj is friends only, so you'll have to add me & comment before I can help you.