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::Welcome to __crush!

This community was created by nonfatmilk. This community is for everyone
to come and discuss their crushes. If you're embarrassed to go to your friends,
or don't really want to tell them who your crush is this community is for you!
If you have trouble thinking of creative ideas for gifts, how to ask your crush
out, how to break up with your crush, great conversation topics, etc. you should
join. You can get great advice from other members, and help them as well with
their problems. I created this community because, I don't know, sometimes with
my crushes I would have trouble finding the right words to say, or finding the
courage to ask them out. I just thought that by making this community I would
make it easier for others with the same problem.

There aren't any real rules for this community yet, except please, do not
use put downs, insults, flames, or disrespectful comments. Be sure to respect
ALL members.. Remember, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at
all. That's pretty much it. I'll add some rules later on if necessary, if things
get out of control, but I mean guys, just respect each other and it will be
fine. If I see any flames, etc, etc, I will suspend/ban you. That's pretty much
it, have fun guys =). <33

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