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Hello, I'm new here.

So it says in the community info that there's really no rules, so we can brag about our significant others, right?

because I'm finally in a committed relationship with the man I've been head over heels for for 2 years. Which is remarkable for me because I am 18 and, until now, have never even really kissed a boy before.

I'm very small (we're talking unusually tiny), so I get mistaken for a 12-year-old...or a little boy, sadly. I don't think I'm ugly, I'd say I'm decent-looking, as I believe everyone should. I say so because my best friend is gorgeous and she usually gets all the guys. I don't really mind. I like wearing thrift store clothes and cutting my hair really short. I'm a writer/artist/musician.

He, however, is literally the most beautiful creature on two legs (in my mind at least).

He's very into underground hip hop (I am too), which is funny because he wears those tight American Eagle sweaters with his baggy pants and hood always up. When he has to take his gauges out for work and wear loafers (he works at a fairly fancy clothing store), you wouldn't think he can b-boy and has a lovely little defacing-public-property with spray paint *shhh* habit. Yet he also has a collection of Phil Collins cassettes.

He plays guitar and piano, he's good too. I play the piano but I have a sneaking suspicion he's better than me and just doesn't say anything. He's very quiet and patient, his voice is low and raspy.
I call him E. or Zeus or Thor. 'cause he's a history buff that is always watching educational TV, and will spin off into lectures as we walk around outside (we live in NY...sadly not the city, the state.) He's probably the most brilliant person I've ever met. Majoring in Philosophy and Physics.

And I thought I'd post an excerpt from my diary here, the day when it all started.
Simply because one of my best friends stated it as "sooo fking romantic" (a guy, and straight to boot)

So here it is.

SORRY FOR THE CORNINESS. I was in a tizzy.Collapse )

Pretty russian girls!

Nov. 28th, 2006 at 9:46 AM</abbr>


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(no subject)

Hey guys, just looking for some advice. I've liked this guy for awhile now, been about a year. I've never said anything because I'm really shy, and we work together and it would be kind of embarassing. Anyways, this weekend a bunch of us went out to dinner and then to a pub for drinks. We all got a little drunk, and my best friend told him that I liked him. He mouthed back that he liked me too, but since then nothing has happened, he's treating me the same. I'm wondering if he just meant that he liked me as a friend, or if you guys think that he actually likes me back. I'm not sure if I should say something, or if I should just let it go. I've been trying to work up the nerve to just tell him, but I've never actually approached anyone before, it's always been the other way round, and I'm not really sure how. If any of you have advice or opinions I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

dilemma. confusion. help!!!!

ok so its a long story. i'll make it as short as i can.

4 years ago [when i was 16] i met my current [well sort of current] boyfriend. we dated for 3 years, then in january of this year we broke up. i felt like it was time for me to experience other people, and see what it was like to be brianne, not "brianne & rory". I started dating another boy, david. and i was happy. we dated for 4 months and it was relly great. different then any other relationship i had. i had a more dominant role, compared to when i was with rory, i was more of the submissive role. basically, after 4 months, david wasn't happy with the relationship, he had trouble believeing that i loved him blah blah blah, we stopped dating. A few weeks after, i started talking to rory again. He really cheered me up and i was grateful for it. I told him i wanted to back to masschusetts [ i was living in florida at the time] He said that it would be a good idea. Then i started talking about how i wanted to go on a trip for the summer, and he really did too. After talking for a month or so, we decided we would go on a road trip around the US as friends. i thought it would be easy since we knew eachother for so long and were not just boy friend and girlfriend, but best friends. about 2 weeks into the road trip we said 'i love you' again, and just like that we were back dating. after we got back from the road trip we decided to move in together. We moved to florida and got an apartment and everything was amazing. i had everything that i wanted. about 3 weeks ago things started to feel weird to me. I didn't want to have sex. When he would kiss me i didn't feel what i used to. i didn't get butterflies, or a silly smile on my face i couldn't get myself to kiss back with passion. he began to notice and would ask me what was wrong and i wasn't sure. last week in the middle of kissing i just broke down and started crying. i told him i was afraid i wasn't in love with him anymore that i loved him more then anything in the whole world, but i just wasn't in love. i'm not sure what it was that sparked this. i know that if i were to spend my life with him it would be a great life. he is ambitious and loves me without question. we never fight and we have alot in common.
What could be causing this???
Saturday it happened again and i told him that i thought i may have been confused into thinking i was in love because i love him so much. and that i was afraid that if i wasn't dating him that i couldn't have him in my life. he assured me that wasn't true and he would always be my best friend.
i still feel SO confused. is this normal? why can't i be in love with him.
any advice will help.
thank you.

Please Help

Please help me, I dont know how to go about this without seeming desperate... I emailed my crush Daryl about a week ago, he has read the email and still not responded, I know he is single and looking, and has liked me in the past... I just dont know how to get his attention without seeming desperate, I dont want to just come out and tell him I like him since I have not seen him in a couple years, I think that would seem kinda creepy... any ideas people ? Thank in advance for the help ♥