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How To Date A Babe [21 May 2008|01:35pm]


Women made simple.


We want you to pick us up, honestly. So here’s a journal on how to get in our pants.


This journal updates on Mondays with new articles on getting laid and common mistakes guys are making that’s keeping them from getting laid.


It’s written by a 20-something woman who is REALLY sick of guys fumbling the ball.


Add me, you know you want need to.

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loveee. [26 Jan 2008|02:36am]
Hello, I'm new here.

So it says in the community info that there's really no rules, so we can brag about our significant others, right?

because I'm finally in a committed relationship with the man I've been head over heels for for 2 years. Which is remarkable for me because I am 18 and, until now, have never even really kissed a boy before.

I'm very small (we're talking unusually tiny), so I get mistaken for a 12-year-old...or a little boy, sadly. I don't think I'm ugly, I'd say I'm decent-looking, as I believe everyone should. I say so because my best friend is gorgeous and she usually gets all the guys. I don't really mind. I like wearing thrift store clothes and cutting my hair really short. I'm a writer/artist/musician.

He, however, is literally the most beautiful creature on two legs (in my mind at least).

He's very into underground hip hop (I am too), which is funny because he wears those tight American Eagle sweaters with his baggy pants and hood always up. When he has to take his gauges out for work and wear loafers (he works at a fairly fancy clothing store), you wouldn't think he can b-boy and has a lovely little defacing-public-property with spray paint *shhh* habit. Yet he also has a collection of Phil Collins cassettes.

He plays guitar and piano, he's good too. I play the piano but I have a sneaking suspicion he's better than me and just doesn't say anything. He's very quiet and patient, his voice is low and raspy.
I call him E. or Zeus or Thor. 'cause he's a history buff that is always watching educational TV, and will spin off into lectures as we walk around outside (we live in NY...sadly not the city, the state.) He's probably the most brilliant person I've ever met. Majoring in Philosophy and Physics.

And I thought I'd post an excerpt from my diary here, the day when it all started.
Simply because one of my best friends stated it as "sooo fking romantic" (a guy, and straight to boot)

So here it is.

SORRY FOR THE CORNINESS. I was in a tizzy.Collapse )
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Pretty russian girls! [06 Dec 2006|02:40pm]
Nov. 28th, 2006 at 9:46 AM</abbr>


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new community [30 Nov 2006|12:18am]

[ mood | complacent ]

alt_personals A new personal community for meeting people who are slightly against the "norm".

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[09 Nov 2006|12:29am]
Hey guys, just looking for some advice. I've liked this guy for awhile now, been about a year. I've never said anything because I'm really shy, and we work together and it would be kind of embarassing. Anyways, this weekend a bunch of us went out to dinner and then to a pub for drinks. We all got a little drunk, and my best friend told him that I liked him. He mouthed back that he liked me too, but since then nothing has happened, he's treating me the same. I'm wondering if he just meant that he liked me as a friend, or if you guys think that he actually likes me back. I'm not sure if I should say something, or if I should just let it go. I've been trying to work up the nerve to just tell him, but I've never actually approached anyone before, it's always been the other way round, and I'm not really sure how. If any of you have advice or opinions I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much!
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The guy I like [30 Sep 2006|07:19pm]

Here's the dealCollapse )
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dilemma. confusion. help!!!! [26 Sep 2006|06:03pm]

ok so its a long story. i'll make it as short as i can.

4 years ago [when i was 16] i met my current [well sort of current] boyfriend. we dated for 3 years, then in january of this year we broke up. i felt like it was time for me to experience other people, and see what it was like to be brianne, not "brianne & rory". I started dating another boy, david. and i was happy. we dated for 4 months and it was relly great. different then any other relationship i had. i had a more dominant role, compared to when i was with rory, i was more of the submissive role. basically, after 4 months, david wasn't happy with the relationship, he had trouble believeing that i loved him blah blah blah, we stopped dating. A few weeks after, i started talking to rory again. He really cheered me up and i was grateful for it. I told him i wanted to back to masschusetts [ i was living in florida at the time] He said that it would be a good idea. Then i started talking about how i wanted to go on a trip for the summer, and he really did too. After talking for a month or so, we decided we would go on a road trip around the US as friends. i thought it would be easy since we knew eachother for so long and were not just boy friend and girlfriend, but best friends. about 2 weeks into the road trip we said 'i love you' again, and just like that we were back dating. after we got back from the road trip we decided to move in together. We moved to florida and got an apartment and everything was amazing. i had everything that i wanted. about 3 weeks ago things started to feel weird to me. I didn't want to have sex. When he would kiss me i didn't feel what i used to. i didn't get butterflies, or a silly smile on my face i couldn't get myself to kiss back with passion. he began to notice and would ask me what was wrong and i wasn't sure. last week in the middle of kissing i just broke down and started crying. i told him i was afraid i wasn't in love with him anymore that i loved him more then anything in the whole world, but i just wasn't in love. i'm not sure what it was that sparked this. i know that if i were to spend my life with him it would be a great life. he is ambitious and loves me without question. we never fight and we have alot in common.
What could be causing this???
Saturday it happened again and i told him that i thought i may have been confused into thinking i was in love because i love him so much. and that i was afraid that if i wasn't dating him that i couldn't have him in my life. he assured me that wasn't true and he would always be my best friend.
i still feel SO confused. is this normal? why can't i be in love with him.
any advice will help.
thank you.
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Mixed Messages [09 Jul 2006|12:01pm]

Ok, so I finally got up the nerve to tell my crush I liked him, he posted a girlfriend application on myspace and I responded to it... here is what happened...after I sent the application back to him, I got this response,  hey my number is 5**-2**-2*** hit me up sometime 

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[30 Jun 2006|12:49am]

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Please Help [13 Jun 2006|01:16pm]

Please help me, I dont know how to go about this without seeming desperate... I emailed my crush Daryl about a week ago, he has read the email and still not responded, I know he is single and looking, and has liked me in the past... I just dont know how to get his attention without seeming desperate, I dont want to just come out and tell him I like him since I have not seen him in a couple years, I think that would seem kinda creepy... any ideas people ? Thank in advance for the help ♥
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Intro and Story [08 Jun 2006|12:19am]

Hello my name is Lacey and I am 22, I currently have a crush on a guy named Daryl that I have known since high school... I used to spend a lot of time with him, because my best friend was dating his brother, at that time my friend was trying to hook us up, and he said he liked me as well and wanted to date me, the only problem was I was seeing someone else at the time so nothing ever happened...well I have not seen him in about two years but still think about him quit often. The other day I was on myspace and I found him on there and added him, I send him an email and he has still not responded, I dont know what other move to make, any advice... oh yeah he is single a looking to fill that void in his life, and I would love to fill that void for him I just dont know how to go about it, since he has not responded, any advice would be appreciated ! Thanks ♥
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[25 Mar 2006|12:14pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hey guys...so this is my current situation....

In junior year of high school i asked out this guy "d", he was a sophmore at the time. this is about 7/8 years ago now. at that time, he said no because he had just gotten dumped by a girl and was getting over it, but would want to go out at a later time. he also told one of my friends that same day that he thought i was really cute and that it was just bad timing for him, being dumped and all. to make a long story short, i ended up dating this other guy after that, and never got back around to "d". after this happened, i had so many chances to talk to "d" but it never happened, (he worked with my brother, he was in my brother's old band for a bit, and lived next door to this kid i know), i was embarassed for being rejected and felt stupid and afraid to go ask him out again.

this week i was on the facebook.com site and came across one of "d's friends, I know this because this friend had pics of him and "D' posted. i saw "D' picture and thought "wow after 7/8 years hes still really hot and he is still living in our town" . so i did some searching and came across 2 more of "d's friends on this site. I emailed them, told them my story and asked how "d" was doing. I did not ask if he was single because i didnt want to come across as a stalker freak...

anyway last night i was talking to this girl online who is still friends with "d". she said she would see him this weekend so i asked her to tell him i said hi and that i was the girl who had asked him out back in high school...and i asked her to tell me what he says.
im curious to know if hes single and still interested, i did not ask this girl if he was single or dating anyone, because i thought that was too forward and i dont know this girl very well....my question is, should i look into this or is it just the past and should i let go? any comments would be helpful..or has anyone been in this kind of problem before??

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[16 Dec 2005|06:04pm]

okay so here's my problem

I have this boyfriend of about two months who's endearing and kinda and sweet and cute. But can I be happy no? In fact I've been more depressed than ever. I have this long term crush with this guy that i've liked for almost 6 years. I think he's incredible-funny, gorgeous, sweet everyhing i'd want in a guy. And he flirts with me all the time. Like he smiles and says hi everytime i see him in the hall and in class, he sits behind me and talks to me non-stop. But whenver I'm single he says he likes this other girl who no offense, but is totally unattainable for him. I'm not saying this because I like(d) him but she is soo picky and everyone thinks she plays for the other team. So I don't understand, but that's cuz Im biased. I mean this girl has no idea what she's missing. But here's my beef. I need help either
a. getting over my stupid long-term crush and realize we just won't work out
or b. break my boyfriend's heart for this guy who won't give me the time of day once I'm single again.

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[11 Dec 2005|01:12pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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::: [10 Dec 2005|06:50pm]

Is it just me, or is this community essentially dead?
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I need your VOTE! [11 Oct 2005|11:54pm]
I NEED YOUR VOTE...Yes, that's right. It's mainly out of my indecisiveness. I know now that "playing the field" probably isn't a good idea, so before I do it,

I want to know which of these 4 boys is the best for me if I want a good, fairly romantic, classically sweet long-term thing. I know it's bad that I'm "auditioning the part" or whatever, but is it so bad that I have a goal for a relationship? I know, I know, it's bad. But I just want a vote.

1.) GREG

He's really hot, people tell me he's nice, he seems nice, he's smart, he lives nearby, and he seems to like me.
Unfortunately we don't share many similar interests, I think he laughed at me today (even though he later said he liked my skirt and was very sweet) and I can't tell if he likes me or if he's just being nice.

2.) MATT

He's a musician and has similar interests as me, he's in my extra-curricular activity, he's really hot, and he's had a long-term relationship before, and we talk sometimes so it's not like I don't know him. He seems like a really cool guy and I could see myself talking with him and him talking to me for hours on end.
Unfortunately, I know his ex-hookup who's told me that he cheated on his long-term gf to be with her, after a few breakups with the long-term girl (rocky relationship after she switched schools) and the ex hookup tells me he's weird and makes fun of him, but what do you expect? Also I can't tell if he has any interest in me, he may just like me as a friend.

3.) EVAN

He's very solid and down-to-earth, intelligent, pretty cute, he has a car (superficial but it's good for transport, so I don't have to rely on my parents) and he is very outgoing--example is that I don't know him well but today he invited me to go with him to his friend's party. I can't go, but you get the point.
Unfortunatley, although he's cute I'm not as physically attracted to him as I am to Matt and Greg. He's on the "dorky" side which can be cute sometimes, he's not one of those smooth-talkers (which is good?) and I feel like personality should mean more than "sexy aura". He seems to be the most obviously interested.


He's cute, funny, and today when our English class when to a farm to do some reading of Romeo and Juliet (romantic, yes, haha, and a weird English teacher.) he helped me with the reading and was really cute--casual shoulder-touching without being sleazy, he put his head on my shoulder, etc. He's interesting and we get along, and he gives me compliments other than, "You're hot" (which he hasn't said...haha)
Unfortunatley, he made my friend cry two years ago and says to people taht he's not a nice guy even though he hasn't seemed to have pissed anyone off in years. Still, he hasn't had a long term girlfriend as far as I know, but I feel like the fact that he was a jerk as a kid shouldn't matter now.

I know there are worse things in the world, but this is pretty important to me right now and I just want your vote. You can back it up with an explanation but you don't have to. Advice is OK too. I'm sure a lot of you are opposed to this system, but I'm one of those numerical people. Also, your vote will not make a huge difference, I don't rely on random votes to make decisions like these. It's just a factor. Ok so please vote!!!! thanks
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Just need a place to phangirl about this biseinen [09 Oct 2005|02:46pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Hello, all.

The Back Story:...I live in Japan...Collapse )

But something odd is happening. I’m losing sight of L. To make matters worse, he’s been gone this entire time, back to America, so he isn’t there to text when I’m lonely and bored. I keep thinking about the 2.5 hours I spent with Kazu and how adorable and charming and playful he is, and about how sexy his Japanese British accent is…. I think that I’m actually developing a crush on this guy that I asked out on a date out of spite. I feel really stupid and a little horrible that I wanted to use him against L in the first place, because Kazu is actually great. He’s…great.

As the situation stands...L returns to Japan and I find that I almost don’t care.Collapse )

I know that even though Kazu does like me and wants to go out more, that in the end, I’ll always be only second place in his life. Of course I’d never want anything to happen to SS – it’s a great club. But even now, with just a few cherished memories of his bashful smile and silky deep voice, I feel like I’ll explode in frustration. I really, truly like this guy. And he says that he likes me. But am I up for the challenge?

It’s 3:45am and I’m writing a 4 page story about him...

I most definitely have a crush.

(whew…nice to get that out there.)

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[10 Sep 2005|10:00pm]
guy:*points to him*he whats to know your name?
guy:his shy.thats why
kristy:oh ok
other guy:*smile*say what
*get back to work*

few minutes latter.....
guy look at me
Essex County time to leave
oh there you go he said

but the one that made the weird face,after class.His the one that said his friend whan't to know my name.

i don't know if they were kidding around with me or what?I suck with talking with guys.I can talk with them if we are just friends.Then I'm alright!
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[05 Sep 2005|10:14am]

Help Out Hurricane Katrina Victims
Do you want to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but are financially unable to? You can still help. The Oxygen Network has started a campaign called 'Oh! Speak Up!: The Youngest Victims of Hurricane Katrina'.

The campaign is helping children who were patients of the New Orleans Children's Hospital who were moved to the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Oxygen has stated that for every person the signs up for the campaign, they will donate $1 to help the kids.

All you have to do is enter your name, age, zip code, and email address. Nothing else is required and you won't get tons of spam email.

It's a great cause and you'd be donating $1 to the campaign at no cost to yourself. I've already signed up, along with 19,249 other people.

Think about it: if one million people sign up, that's one million dollars to help these children.

if you want to help, click the link, then send it out to other people
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Madly in lo...lus...t? [09 Aug 2005|09:46pm]

I met a boy, and I fell in love...
Below is a section of my recent entry about him:


And speaking of friends, remember my new tennis partner? Well, Pascal is the first person who I can converse deeply with. It's not just his unusually intelligent conversations that made him a good friend to spend time with, it is also largely his respect for me as an adolescent girl whose upbringings were different from his. It is his open mindedness and humor and my willingness to open up to him about anything, and I didn't hesitate, like I normally hesitates and refuses to do, to get in his car the first time I met him, just like I'd get into the car of a very old friend. It's how we talked in his car for hours, and how I loved to listen to him! It's his wide and genuine smile that mirrored the carefree individual inside.

God, it is a million things and more. God help me. I think I'm developing a crush. Quite unexpectedly. And very unfortunately - I don't expect the feeling to be mutual due to him being a *lot* older than I am, and my expectations are actually usually optimistic. And I expect him to not like me!!!! Pascal reminds me a lot of James Law, another french guy who shared much of his personality and temperament. However, James was the one who liked me and found excuses to visit our house just to see me, and I didn't return that feeling of fondness. I have the weird idea that God is punishing me through Pascal, so I can have a taste of my own medicine??

As we said goodbye last Tuesday, Pascal offered me a handshake, and mentioned that the French kiss on the cheeks Au Revoir, but due to cutural differences, he has to make sure to always ask a lady before he can do something that may be considered too intimate, or even a little offensive. He didn't ask me straight out, and I didn't tell him that I wouldn't mind, which is the greatest truth I've ever told. But like somebody smart said a few hundred years ago, "the opposite of a great truth is also true", I think I would've fainted if a man I'm attracted to do that to me, so I would actually mind him doing that. If I didn't mind at all, I would *not* have chickened out and just told him so, right? uuuuuuhhhhm!! It's very complicated.

I checked a million times for his email, and when I received it just half an hour ago, I think I could've jumped straight to heaven from excitement. I'm going to see him on thursday!! I wished him all the luck and happiness in the world, not by merely saying so, but from the bottom of my heart. And this time, I'll be sure to kiss him before I go, uhm, on the cheek. *sigh* Am I going crazy? I'm beginning to think so :(

* * *

One thing that can really bug a girl like me, is to have a guy she's attracted to refer to her as "my friend!! my dear friend!!!"

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