[GaGa] We'll still have the Summer after

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Hey everybody! 
I apologize for not updating in a while. I have exams this week so I've been really busy. But tomorrow is my last one so hopefully this weekend I'll be able to make some graphics for everyone!

Can you guys do me a huge favor? can you spam this entry with all the pictures you'd like me to make icons of? post like millions of pics! celebs, movies, fashion shows, musicians, sports...i'll try my best to make graphics out of them!

Ida ♥♥
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[GaGa] We'll still have the Summer after

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81 Icons
01-29: Hanson
30-43: Johnny Depp
44-58: Vanessa Paradis
59-62: Reese Witherspoon
63-66: Kate Winslet
67-69: Misc. (Wentworth Miller, Britney Spears)
70-75: Rachel McAdams
76-80: Katherine Heigl
81-00: Paris Hilton


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[GaGa] We'll still have the Summer after

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100 Icons and 6 Banners
-09 Christina Aguilera
-11 Rachel Bilson
-08 Mischa Barton
-05 Katherine Heigl
-04 Wentworth Miller
-13 Britney Spears
-12 Fashion
-38 Edmonton Oilers

-06 Banners (3 Edmonton Oilers, 3 Fashion)

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Sorry for taking like 2months to update, school has been hectic!