a shooting star in the shape of a girl (depply_in_luv) wrote in __craved,
a shooting star in the shape of a girl

40 icons & 9 banners

-06 Paris Hilton
-13 Evangeline Lilly
-16 Fashion (cintia, gemma, misc.)
-03 Johnny Depp
-02 Emilie de Ravin
-09 Banners



Comment and credit __craved
Let me know if you'd like text on any of the banners!
Tags: banners: cintia dicker, banners: fashion, banners: gemma ward, banners: paris hilton, icons: cintia dicker, icons: emilie de ravin, icons: evangeline lilly, icons: fashion, icons: gemma ward, icons: johnny depp, icons: paris hilton
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