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DICIB Spring/Summer 2005 line cont...

We couldn’t show this before, but at the beginning of March DICIB created this top and sweater-jacket for a regular customer. The t-shirt is DICIB’s take on the “perfect T” – feminine and fitted, with just enough stretch to remain comfortable. The sweater-jacket is from DICIB’s Spring/Summer 2005 line. There’s benefits to being a regular DICIB customer – you get the good stuff FIRST.
Additionally, to help celebrate the spring/summer line, DICIB created this couture top and vest for one of our employees who was in the Calgary Cares show. The top was recreated in a different fabric with slight alterations, and the vest…. Is yet to come… but will be available in our ready-to-wear line soon.
While we’re showing off items that were in Calgary Cares 2005, and are part of the Spring/Summer 2005 line, here’s some other items:
This is the “Jackie” dress – named after the model who wore it in the fashion show. This is a backless dress, much like the “Kate” dress from last year. It is sheer, and when you pull on the fabric (while walking or moving) the black dress “shatters” with pale blue.

This is the “Stephanie” dress – also named for the model who wore it in the fashion show. This is a one shoulder, asymmetrical dress in a puffy, leather-like look fabric knit.

More on the DICIB journal....

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