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Spring/Summer 2005 line

DICIB presented the debut of our spring/summer 2005 line last Saturday night at Calgary Cares – which was a FANTASTIC event… There were a number of amazing, beautiful dance sets, plus a pair of awe-inspiring acrobats and of course the highlight of the night (for us at least!) was the fashion show featuring DICIB’s Spring/Summer 2005 line and show singer Zoe.

We’re still waiting to get photos back from the event itself, but here’s some that were taken in-studio, showing off all the new garments by DICIB….


This white cropped jacket is made of a coated knit giving it a slightly metallic sheen. It closes with tiny parachute clips, but can be left open too. The cuffs are exaggerated, and have slits in them to either hang over your wrists, or you can turn them back for a French-cuff effect. The blue jean skirt has a tie-dye type of pattern, and a side front zipper that you can adjust to show off as much leg as you want. DICIB’s signature star zipper pull dangles down off the zipper. This outfit is also shown with the ‘falling star’ broach, Raw Design’s sterling silver star bolo necklace, and a sheer navy blue crop top from a previous season.
WhiteJacketBlueSkirt WhiteJacketBlueSkirt WhiteJacketBlueSkirt

If white doesn’t suit you, we have the same jacket in black. (Of course! This is Does it Come in Black? after all!) It also closes with tiny parachute clips and is made of the same coated knit fabric. To add a bit of colour (especially after the seemingly unending winter) DICIB also has created some bright t-shirts. These are the women’s “perfect T”, very fitted, with tiny cap sleeves. These are casual enough for a Saturday lunch date, but fitted enough to be worn under a suit jacket for a bright pick-me-up. Shown here is the FrUiT’s pattern.
We’ve also done the “perfect T” in this season’s graffiti print. You might remember that in a previous season DICIB did a lot of graffiti print (denim, t-shirts and more) in a black, white, red and silver theme. This season, it’s all about these bright colours to add a splash of fun and frivolity to your wardrobe.

More to come over the next few days!
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