March 2nd, 2005


Miss Tori's Corset

Fully finished Miss Tori's corset on the 23rd of February. She's the one that won my wolf corset auction back then. It was a pleasure to work on!

The front has a double busk panel, for two reasons. The first would be that the nice shiny bits of the busk on both sides of the image create a instant finished look on the front panel. And second, should Miss Tori ever get bored with this front she can email me and I'll create a new front for her using the front panel details I'll save in my register. That way one can switch fronts, without having to buy a entire new corset.

The modesty panel at the back is extra strong, and and tiny 'gutters' have been sewn in. This way the fabric stays in place, is strong and will not wrinkle when the corset is being laced.

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