February 21st, 2005

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Name: Slave1 (or Tina)
Age: I've decided I'm going to be 27 forever
What I do best: I like creating custom one of a kind outfits... Couture, Corsets, vinyl, rubber... classic designs with a very futuristic feel.
Works by me under the cut:
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ß --name: Sandra
ß --age: 26
ß --what you do best: clothing designer, Couture, Corsetry, Make up artist, stylist. (I own a clothing label with a partner, who may join as well, we design together)
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new member.

♣ --name: nicole.
♣ --age: 21.
♣ --what you do best: i knit. i am a canvas for fabulous fashion and cosmetics.
♣ --two works by you: i'm here as a watcher bay-be.

thanks for the invite mod :)


♣ name: Ingrid "GrayWolf" Houwers
♣ age: 19 (will turn 20 on the 28th of February)
♣ what you do best: Corsetry, bags, and jewelry oddities involving anything provided by nature.
♣ works by you:

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♣ --name: Paige
♣ --age: 19
♣ --what you do best: My sewing machine and dressform are my babies. I also tat, make chainmaille jewelry, I'm a beggining knitter and crotcheter, and I've done a little theatrical make-up.
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