February 20th, 2005

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♣ --name-LilyAnn
♣ --age-18
♣ --what you do best-Watcher
♣ --two works by you-none yet but let me get it together and maybe you'll see something soon..
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.name- david m.
.age- 20 by february 21st
.do best- hmm. right now machine sewing, i go through alot of visual arts domains (writing, painting, drawing, poetry) but in terms of fashion design... wallets, most recently underwear, accessories, re-fitting and clothes surgery, and i may get better at bags/purses.
specialization- thriftiness and creativity in works
.two works, i have 3 to start with.
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♣    --name: Charmaine
♣    --age: 17.5
♣    --what you do best: Sewing Machine work, embroidery, Serging [easy], Make-up, Shop.
♣    --two works by you:

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name: I go by my nickname Batty usually but my real name is Tracy Michelle, which I do use for one of my lines
age: 27
what you do best: Corsetry, Haute Couture, Costuming
two works by you:
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