Interview For Courtney Love/Hole Fans To Answer
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SLB lyrics

This is my best effort at getting the lyrics for 'Skinny Little Bitch'. Please discuss, and feel free to laugh at any inevitable mistakes;

Skinny Little Bitch
Stare at the mirror, in your desperation, disappear
And you'd be oh so dumb to f**k with me
Cos babe you're much too young to end up with me

Your bedroom walls are falling down and everyone can see you now
Your bedroom walls are [suffer?] cheap
You lie, you lie alone, you lie alone, you never sleep
No you never sleep

Skinny Little Bitch went to the Lord
Praying for some salvation 'cos she oh-so-bored
************************** [whore?] cheap hotel
And all those things you'll never live to tell

And you will never see the light
or just obscure it out of spite
Just a nasty piece of work
Come on, come on baby, come on baby let it burn
When it does it earns

Born of [fabrication?], Born of sour milk
Cocaine too!

You stand her here on broken glass so I could kick your scrawny ass
All the drugs and all the burns
What a nasty nasty what a nasty piece of work
When it does it hurts

Oh baby just go slower
Oh baby just go lower

Skinny Little Bitch
Skinny Little Bitch

Obviously copyright C-Love and Hole. And needless to say....awesome.

Skinny Little Bitch-some disappointment :(

I am a big Courtney Love fan. However, Her latest song "Skinny Little Bitch" pisses me off. Not the music- it is a good, dark rocking song but the lyrics seem hypocritical because Courtney herself IS SO SKINNY. It is because I am a fan I feel It is okay to sometimes express negative opinions.
I read this review, here is just a part:
"considering the song's lyrics, which I understand as a tirade against a younger, skinnier woman who's, you know, fucking with her or something, but which also, to be fair, may be a letter from Old Courtney to Young Courtney. Regardless, it doesn't ring true. I imagine some will see this as a sort of bullshit feminist anthem, about being proud of your size" by music critic Mike Conklin
It is easy to write a song like this when you are as skinny and underweight as C. Love is. Try writing it if you are actually fat or overweight. I don't think she could have written this song about truly being pissed at or jealous of a skinny rival if she were heavy and okay with it. I don't think she could feel comfortable singing about someone else being skinny if she weren't ultra thin herself. We fans know she has always battled weight, wanted to be skinny etc. It was one o the first goals she wrote in her journals you can see in Dirty Blonde. " MUST lose x amount of wight etc." If I was as skinny as she is I'd have focused on age. I think that may be where her true insecurity is at. I think the song would be truer to Courtney's real self. She herself is a skinny little bitch! :) :)

P.S. Just my opinion-I still love you Courtney

Hole @ Shepherd's Bush Empire

Last night I got to see Hole play their first gig for 11 YEARS. That's right, 11 YEARS. Those of you fond of 50s polka dot dresses combined with ironic bleached blonde hair and smudged red lipstick will know what a momentous occasion this was. Hole, the epitome of 90s riot grrl feminism, inspire such a wave of nostalgia in me that just writing this makes me feel like I'm sat at the back of an RE class discreetly listening to Violet on my walkman wishing I was anywhere but here... read more.