in a good place...

I'm still doing really good. I'm like 10 lbs away from my goal weight! I can wear the cute clothes I wanted to wear and have them fit the way I like. I was a little nervous because today my family is having dinner at my cousin's house. They have just blessed the food and everyone is eating. I fixed a plate b/c I would have really stood out if I didn't. We don't sit at one table and eat we sort of find places through out the house to eat so I hid in one of the little kids rooms with my little sis and got on my laptop. Okay, this isn't ED related but I am really into graffiti art. Not going out and vandalizing but the art of it. Does anyone know any good graffiti sites to go to?
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 im new here..!
im elaine anyway..
here are my stats:
*Height: 5'6"
  HW:155 lbs
   LW:125 lbs.
   CW:135 lbs
   1GW:110 lbs.
   UGW: 100 lbs
ED: Bulimia, Anorexia, Compulsive Exercising..
Diagnosed or self-diagnosed: Diagnosed
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i am so depressed i cant stop crying but not quite sure why,  on friday i was suppose to go out with my friends for a meal because it was gemmas birthday, i seriously didnt feel well at all and decided not to go, i txt sophie because i was supposed to call for her first and told her to tell gemma that im sorry but i dont feel well.   alex (another friend but doesnt go to my school) txt me a little while later and asked to come out, i txt back and told him im staying in because i feel ill.  half an hour later i get a txt from gemma sayin "have fun round sammy's"  because for some reason she had tha me and alex were coming round eventhough i told alex that i wasnt comin.  then she txt bak sayin why didnt i tell her that i wasnt coming, i txt back sayin well i txt sophie to tell ya im sorry but i fell really ill.
then today at school she proper didnt tlk to me, blantently ignoring me, i felt so unwanted at break that for my nxt lesson which was free i went up to art by my self. and at lunch i went home by myself-had about 3 shots of vodka and 1 shot of whisky, went back to school becuase i had biology which gemma was in, wasnt too bad until after the lesson when she just walked off, eventhough she knew i was going in the same direction. so she was right infront of my as i was walking. at the office saw sophie we both stopped and spoke to sophie and waited for gina when gina came we started heading off, but as i turned around gemma pulled a face at gina oviously about me being there.
when i got home i went in the bathroom and just burst into tears i cudnt stop crying for ages even now i still get abit teary eyed, im such a loner right now,  and not just that, its my auntie's funeral on wednesday aswell....
...but i havent eaten anything apart from a piece of chicken which was about 170cals which is the only good thing that has happened today

emz xx
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Hi I'm new

Hey everyone.... I don't exactly have an eating disorder. Well not one that is easy to diagnose. I am totally and completely obsessed with weight, diet, excercise, and food. I think about it at least 95% of the day. I think about it so much that I have chosen to get a degree in nutrition and also almost have a personal training certificate. I dont just think about my own weight I think about everybody's around me. I know I have a problem but not one that a doctor can diagnose easily. I am looking for someone that is about the same weight as I am, so that we can help eachother reach our goal. I am prone to not eating even thought everything I have learned in school is against it. But I do what works. Thanks for listening, and if ur that person just send me a line

* HW:126 lbs
   LW:110 lbs.
   CW:120 lbs.
   1GW:110 lbs.
   UGW:100 lbs.
ED: anorexia and compulsive over-exerciser
Diagnosed or self-diagnosed: self-diagnosed

i really wanna make it happen today!

Since christmas Ive been letting go off myself so much and hence Ive gained so much
Gods knows!
Last time I checked it was On 240.. 
I need to check today for sho!

But yeah
I slept around 4am and woke up at 11am.. 
Its 12:19 right now..
and I smoked up 20 mins back..
And im rreeeeeeeeeeeealllly hungry!!! 
 Because i KNOwww I wiilll exceeed my calories because their is sooo much fattty food around the house

please suggest me what to munch on....!!! 
i wanna stay under 800 calories!!!! 

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i havent done so well the past few weeks, but this week ive been more dtermined than ever, i have started skipping breakfast and yesterday i did not have lunch-so i just had dinner ( and an ice-cream , oops) 2day was okay, had lunch, which was pasta and sauce and i had dinner.
i am not planning on eating anymore today.  i keep getting stomach ache anyway whenever i do, so hey i just won't bother eating much then.

When i was walking to school this morning i walked past two girls and one of them loudly wispered to her mate " shes well skinny"  i felt so happy to hear someone say that other than my friends when they make mean jokes about me being anorexic, even though i blantly not.

very stressfull just lately, dont know why. i have been getting very good grades just lately. i will be doing a life drawing on monday ) drawing a naked woman)  so that should be interesting and fun, so it may calm my stress levels.

i dont have any friends problems any more, if you have read some of my past entries,  which is so good. 
i have decided to work-out once a week ,   by doing my hardcore aeroblics for 1.5 hrs  it will get rid of about 300cals, i love that DVD but it makes me sweat like mad lol but hey, it will make me thinner hopefully. get rid of my flab.

ABC Day 3: 300 cals

so i went 50 cals over, but i'm feeling ok. as long as i have 50 less tomorrow (tomorrow is 400cals) thank i'll be fine. i walked alot today! but nothing is really going on thats too interesting. gossip girl tonight :)! god everyone on that show is SO HOT. it bothers me. i want to be that good looking. like please make me that skinny!!! (i hope abc will do this for me)

so tomorrow should be a 400 day, but since i went 50 over, im only doing 350 tomorrow

whole grapefruit (90)
bagel[yuk] (200)
apple (40)

feel free to IM me
ilikecherries323(aim) (msn)


ABC Day 2: 500 cals

I did REALLY well today too! i managed to go most of the day on a grapefruit and emergen-c. it felt very good, and it made me really confident for the days where i can only do 50cals (im still nervous about the fasting days tho, even tho ive fasted before, and im REALLY nervous about that 800 cal day (i feel like ill eat wayyy more) but whatever, its important, so whatever.

i'm really excited about this. tomorrow is 300 and i definitly think i can do it. im nervous about friday tho-100 cals =\. i think i'll do fine. my first fast isnt until next wednesday, so i have time to get ready. i'm trying to decide how i want to fast

should i do a juice fast, or a strict water&green tea fast??

i've been getting a LOT of questions about what the ABC diet is. its a diet where u are allowed a certain amount of calories everyday. If you are interested, please send me an IM at ilikecherries323 (AIM)

i don't have msn or yahoo, but aim is how you can contact me.

whole grapefruit (90)
6 Emergen-C packets (25 each=150)
Chicken Broth w/ carrots & peas (160)

& again, i am 100cals under.

30min of ddr

i wish everyone luck and remember: