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Free Stuff!! Get on the Conga.
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This is a community designed to help people get the referrals needed for an Offer Centric site.

If you do not read these "rules" I will assume you're not serious about wanting your referrals and will not feel bad about banning you when you do not follow them.

We are about business. We don't want to talk and we're not here to make friends. You can do that on your own time. If the community gets big enough and starts running smoothly, I will consider opening it up to posts from users and socialization, as long as it doesn't interfere with business.

This is how it will work:

-There are several different categories of "stuff" that you can get. I will give the open spot at "the front of the conga line" to whoever comments first on the post regarding it.

-If the top spot is not open and you would like to join the line you must simply use the link of the person in the top spot. If done correctly this should work very neatly. The top person will get their referrals and people can move up to the top spot in the line.

-If you did NOT use the link of the line leader you may still join the very end of the conga so long as you dont interfere with people who are playing by the rules. However, if this starts to get out of hand and the conga keeps lengthening without helping the leader, people will be cut from the line. If you are a repeat offender (three strikes and you're out) then you will be banned from this community with no chance of moving up and recieving help.

-Comments on individual conga lines should regard the conga and only the conga. If you're here to trade referrals for cash or other such things then go somewhere else. Referrals will not be traded. You will give someone a referral willingly and freely in hopes that when they're done with theirs the same will be done for you. That is the only way this community will be able to sustain itself.

-Anyone attempting to screw it up for the rest of us will be banned. NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS

-New rules will be added as the community and conga lines grow to maintain order and fairness.

*I will take on another mod to help me maintain the community if you convince me I need to do so, or if you prove to be helpful.

*This community isn't here to be pretty, It's here to be effective. If you have a problem with it's apperance and are willing to "fix it up" yourself, then by all means contact me and I will allow you to do so.

*I am willing to start lines for stuff offered by sites other than Offer Centric. Simply let me know and I will check it out to make sure they're legit. I don't want this community earning a bad rep.

*Note: for all of the above astrisks;

DO NOT comment on them in the conga lines and DO NOT comment about them in my personal journal. If you have anything to say regarding them, then do it in the main post (the very first post) or you may personally IM or email me

AIM: Britts a PiRATE
email: Britts_a_PiRATE@hotmail.com