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Rules for applicants
[]This is just like every other rating community. If you can't take criticism, get out. Most members will vote soley on looks, so be prepared to get shit if you're not attractive.
[]LJ cuts are mandatory. No one wants an application crowding their friends pages.
[]Minimum age is 14
[]No nudity.
[]Indicate which picture you would like to be put on the accepted/rejected page. If you don't, we'll choose one for you.
[]Please include a salute on your application. This means a picture of you holding your username@lj.com. Your face and hand must be in the picture along with the sign.
[]No commenting on any post but your own until stamped.
[]Promote to at least 3 users or one active community. Don't promote to 'friends only' entries.
[]If you get rejected, you can reapply at anytime with better pictures.
[]So we know you've read the rules, make sure you put "I'm so fucking conceited." somewhere. It can be either in the lj-cut or subject line, your choice. If you fail to do this, it will cause automatic rejection.
5 favorite bands/artists;
5 favorite movies;
3 favorite books;
Promotions [mandatory]-3 users or 1 community(show links);
Other pictures-no less than 3, no more than 10;
Good luck!

Rules for Members
[]Don't sugar-coat anything when voting. It's more fun that way.
[]Put a 'yes' or 'no' in the subject line when voting.
[]You're allowed to promote other active communites once a week. If you decide to promote more than once a week, the promotions will be deleted. Don't forget to whore our community as well.
[]When posting, put 'stamped' in your subject line.
If someone in the community pisses you off, post no more than three pictures of yourself under an LJ cut. The subject of your post should be clash with (username here). The "clashee" then has approximately 24 hours to comment on that post with no more than three pictures of themselves. Members will vote on who they want to keep in the community and the other person will be kicked out. No reapplying allowed.
Any clashes with a mod will be deleted, and a new clash will be set up between the person who wanted to clash and another member of the mod's choice.


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