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 1. Type of ED: EDNOS, recovered bulimic. Anorexic tendencies. 4 years.
2. Chosen method of exercise: punk rock aerobics (just the strength stuff), walking from town to town, DDR
3. Calories aimed to burn: I don't have a way to measure them, ever since my treadmill broke. Used to be around 1000.
4. Artifical stimulants?: Concerta, Adderall, Ritalin, green tea pills. Diet pills. Not usually all at once. =[
5. Current hight and weight: I just gained 10 pounds.. =[ 5'4, 118.
6. Wish to gain: friends. I don't know anyone who does the things I do, it'd be nice to.
7. Recipes: 1 vegan chiken strip, 1/2 whole wheat pita, 1 can v8 or tomato juice, and parmesan cheese = extremely filling low cal vegitarian chicken parmesean and tomato soup
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long-time member, just haven't posted in (go figure) a long time

Brief update on my stats...Collapse )

The reason why I'm posting today is because I'm trying out bodybuilding for the first time in my life. I currently weigh 213.2 lbs, most of which is lean body mass, but my BMI (using an adjusted formula for athletes) is 27--not quite the 15 I am aiming for (my goal weight is 120 lbs).

I take four different kinds of diet pills daily, not including the muscle enhancers. The diet pills I currently take daily are Ephedrine HCl, Metabolife Ultra, Relacore PM, and Xenamine (which I just started taking yesterday, so haven't quite noticed the effects yet). The muscle enhancers I started taking today, and they are Super BCAA 2200 Muscle Nitrogen Fuel and Super NOS Pump Nitric Oxide Stimulator, both by Body Fortress.

Has anyone had any luck with muscle enhancing drugs such as these? Their main ingredients are Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCl, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine (BCAA 2200), and L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (Super NOS Pump). So, pretty much entirely amino-acids, which are essential to muscle maintenance and improvement.

Also, can anyone recommend any additional amino acids I should take on a regular basis which will help in muscle-enhancement and fat-metabolism? I have quite a bit of stored fat on my body as well---which is why I'm trying to build muscle, because muscle burns fat.

Anyway, that's it for now. Personal stories and advice/feedback are definitely appreciated.


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I'm new

 Hi, I  just  joined, this is  my  welcome  post:

Type  of  Ed  and  for  how  long: touch  of  ednos, compulsive  exercising, nine months
Kind  of exercise  I  do: two hours  tae bo,  45  minutes pilates
Artificial Stimulants: I  don't  take  any
How many calories  I  burn/ Consume:  I  burn  1000-1200  a  day,  consume  around  2500  
What  I  want to  gain  from  being  a  member: support, friends, advice
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Hi ppl, just wanted to post

Hi  everyone, I  hope  it's  okay  just  to  post  and  rant, if  not, I'm  sorry  for  my  useless  antics. I  just  wanted  to  say  that  over  the  weekend  I  got  through  my  four  hour  workouts  but  was  really  disappointed  b/c  I  don't  have  the  same  bone tired, dead exhausted  fatigue  I  use  to. I  don't  know  what's  going  on, but  it's
making  me  mad. I  defintely  had  to  exercise-purge  some  of  those  stupid  calories  I  had  on  Friday.
I  forced  myself  to  vomit  the  crap  up  on  Friday  night, but  it  didn't  seem  like  enough. So  I've  been  
really  good  now  in  taking  in  WAY  less  calories  than  I  burn. I  burned  2200-2400  a  piece!!  Maybe  now  I  can  get  some  of  this  stupid  weight  off  me. We'll  see. I'd  really  like  to  join  a  gym  and  go  there  in  addition  to  my  three-four  hour  workouts  at  home, that  would  be  really cool. Maybe  I  should  look  in  on  that.  
Anyways, I'd  better  be  going  and  start  my  day. Sorry  to  blab  and  bore  anyone. lol  

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Hi, I'm new

Type of ED and for how long: compulsive exercise  and  five months
Type of exercise: two hours tae bo, one hour jogging, one hour stair stepper
Do you take any artificial stimulants: no 
how many calories I burn a day, and what I aim for: 1600-2000, 1500  I aim for
Height/weight: 5'7", 150
Goal weight: 130  (which is as low as I can go on my stupid big frame)
What I want to gain from joining this website: new friends, support, advice
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1) I have had bulimia coming in and out of my life for the last 9 years, but I don't practice it in a constant basis... Yesterday I decided I was too fat, and I will do all means till I get to a better weight, like I did a couple of years ago

2) bicycle

3) 1200

4) I don't take artificial stimulants, but I have some from last time which I'm still looking for, if not then I think I will buy those sucky ephedra free pills... gosh, wish there was ephedra

5) I'm 5'4" and at the moment I weigh 145 (That's precisely why I decided to come back "seriously" to my eating disorder habits

6) I want to read what other people do, and what works for them, and what doesn't... share pretty much, and if possible, find someone I can meet locally and support in the real daily life.

7) My grandma just told me about this great diet, where you only eat 1 canned tuna and 1/2 a canned pineaple in the morning, afternoon and night (in other words 3 times a day) for a whole week... I still haven't started it, but she says it is a very good diet, because she lost a lot of weight really fast... but like all "fast diets" you probably gain a lot of weight easily right after, which I'm pretty freaked out about it... but I guess we can all do it

Anywyas, if you are from the San Francisco/ Bay area... please contact me, if not, do so anyways.. (^-^)

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hey ppl am new to here n i thought id share somethings with u

my name is lindzeymarie am 23 n am ana n have been since i was 12 years old its been up in down for years and am still seein a shrink for it.. am a personal trainer so my workouts are everything as for burning cals well i dont do the cals things i just dont eat simple.. if i do eat n have to eat i have a little rice n thats it or fruit.. if u dont eat n hit the shakes after a workout take a banana it take it away well for me anyway.

am 5.6 n a half yes i like to put the half n lol
am 170 (all fatness)

as for a tip i have apple vinigar it makes ur matabilism go faster! but i guess u all know that. or green tea tablets but dont take after 4pm or u will b up all night lol
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Workout partner

Hi! Anyone want to be motivation exercise pals? I do exercise dvds, and occassionally jogging or going to the gym. I'd like to have some support..we can tell eachother our accomplishments of the day! Anyone else need to get off their butt?? Thanks!

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1. 'Liz' (I prefer not to leave my real name)
2. 5'7
3. 173.5
4. Developing excessive excersising and I am very conscious about what I eat (this includes calorie counting)
5. I am really just looking for support, people who will be there with me to offer advice in my battle against the bulge. I would really like to be between 120 and 130 lbs by Christmas, just to prove to my family and my cousin (who everyone drools over) that I am just as beautiful as she is, if not more. I would also be greatful for a weight loss buddy.
6. Aim 1,000
7. Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease, Swimming, Rugby Conditioning and Treadmill
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