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This is where we all come to get pwned...

...if we haven't died already.

Unwrap Your Angst!!!1!!!111!!!
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This is a community for all the people out there who cut themselves in a futile attempt to gain attention from others. These people are suicidal because all their relationships have failed, and it's too much for their 15 year old minds to handle. Thus, expect alot of angsty and/or whiny teenagers lacking hobbies and parental supervision.

This community is open to whomever I open it to. :D

Have a nice day!!!!

When posting something long, with pictures, or may trigger others, please put it under an LJ Cut. |((_)Z 0|\/|65, |\|0\/\/ \/\/3 |(4|\| |((_)7 0|\|1||\|3 2!!!11!1111

Other than that...remember that standing in a pool during a thunderstorm is a sure-fire way to die. :D

Your loving and compassionate moderator: xoxoheavenablazexoxo

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Self-Injury: No One Gives a Shit. Seriously. Some of us are sick of the plague of whiny teenaged attention whores who think they actually have difficult lives.

Sorry, I reserve my sympathy for people who don't purposely perpetuate their own problems, although I know you wish I was dumb enough to feel sorry for you. Either do everyone including yourself a favor by dying and quit doing such a half-ass job at being a total fucking loser, or just pop a Zoloft and get over it.
Monday, March 1, 2004 is a fake "Awareness Day" invented so that cutters can put up stupid solidarity ribbons and attempt to garner some pity.

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