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i sort of understand

why do ppl judge us so much?
attention seekers they call us..
im 21 years old, no teenager with domstic problems anymore.-
I ADMIT! i was seeking the attention..kinda.. when i started, it hurt so much,
i just wanted someone to see..
but then, thats like 6 years ago now.

it's not attention that i want anymore.

i cut myself, because it feels good, it takes away the pain for awhile.
the pain inside me, that big stone that lies there, blocking my breath.

you wouldent say to an alkoholic; "stop drinking, youre so immature. you just want the attention!"
Anyway, i can only speak for myself when i say, that it's an addiction for me.

And i dont blame those who say mean things.
even my friends have said mean things.
they dont know any better..
And i guess, im the judging kind myself.
you judge, when you just dont know...

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