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I'm lonely again.
My tomato plant isn't doing good since I transplanted it.
Andy is in a judgemental mood.
David and Evan are off doing guy things.
And I'm lonely again.

over the stars

I really don't wanna be alone again tonight.
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sorry, I think i'm gonna delete my account.
Ive been taking way too big of risks by posting a public journal and I'm getting the feeling that its gonna bite me in the ass.
I'm sorry, i know this is gonna suck for a lot of people.
If you want to keep in touch; e-mail me at OrangeFlavoredfairy@Yahoo.com

im back

so, ive been in rehab for a month and a half and im out now. im backin school. theres only 19 days left until i graduate, and i have SO much work to catch up on. i havent cut or burned myself in 2 weeks. it gets harder and harder to say no...........
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my boyfriend's best friend killed himself a few days ago. he jumped off of a 33-story building. i don't really know what to do. my boyfriend is absolutely crushed.. and 5 hours away at school.

i'm not going to let myself cut.



I'm new here, figured I'd give a little info about me before I start randomly posting:|.

Umm, my name is katrina, I'm 13 (please don't judge me by my age!). I SI, cut mostly, but sometimes burn. I've been doing that since I was 11.

I've been diagnosed with severe depression, a little psychosis, and social anxiety. I'm not on meds.. yet, but eh. I have 3 cats... errrg, one of which is annoying the hell out of me!! Anyway, heh.

Umm. I like to write a lot. Mostly poems, but there are a few songs in there too. Well, that's it I guess. Tc, all. Peace.
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oh well!

Today i bought a new hair-strightener:)And some new clothes :)
thought i deserved it since lost a pound even though i was bad yesterday.
you have to do good things to yourself too!

i was rteally really sick yesterday. so went to sleep early, but woke up again in the middle of the night still so sick. and i missed my therapy today, but its okey.

hope my friend wanna go work out with me later.

only had a salad today:)

now...i gotta go pee and get some more water.

thangs for thinspiring thoughts!!!! i really need you guys!!!

think thin -stay strong!