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(ABOUT) Welcome to the Color Bar Love community. For now, only color bars created by __heartflutter will be posted here. If things become too hectic, I may seek others to help me. Requests are taken from time to time, so I stress that this is not a community created specifically for filling requests. Please understand that I do not always have the time to update daily or weekly or anything of that sort. I post whenever I have the free time to, because like many of you all, I do have a life other than LJ. :] I only create the top quality color bars using PSP9. So for you that means...no more blurry and speckled images. Yay! :P Samples are shown below.

(RULES) I'll make the rules really short and simple for you. [1. ALWAYS comment stating the exact color bars you are taking. This is to help me keep track of who takes what.] [2. ALWAYS credit me in your user info as __colorbarlove.] Those are the two rules for you. Easy, right? If you happen to break the rules, you will receive 3 warnings before you are banned.

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