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Im kinda wigged out..

Today, me, my friend Doug, and my best friend Olivia all went to hang out.. and I just found out when Doug's mom took us home.. she was drunk.

It makes me wonder....

when she was driving,she picked us up and was speeding around the parkinglot, she hit a huge bump in the street, and if she made a big enough mistake it could have costed us our lives. Im not sure HOW drunk she actually was, but any amount is enough to scare the shit out of me. Im not exactly sure if I can ride with her for a while.. Although while she was driving, i thought those were common errors until Doug told me, now that I actually know the real reason behind it.. it scares me.

BY far, the worst part about it is that Jeff (Doug's stepdad) could have been drunk [we are not sure], but assuming he wasnt, he let his drunk wife take three minors home. Doug also isnt allowed to leave the house for three months because we crossed Morell Road (a fairly busy street..although it had a crosswalk), and because Olivia lived further out then his mom thought, but yet instill he was allows to ride with somebody under the influence of alchohol (although it being his mom) it doesnt matter. If this was my parents in this position, I would have stopped talking to them for the rest of the week, and I would have found any excuse to put them into a guilt trip.

Just...one wrong move...and everything could have been over.

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Hey everyone.
My name is Ashly, and I am from Roanoke, VA. I just graduated in June of '05' and the working life is great. I'm lucky to have a good job...and I'm getting ready to go to Italy on Oct 3. I just had two questions I wanted to post.

1.) Has anyone ever been to Aviano AFB, or to Italy in general...and what advice could you give?

2.) I am considering starting an amatuer photography business, locally... something very small scale for now... using my own digital camera and using Yahoo photo printing to do the rest, and I'm wondering about a name for the company. Also, is there anyone who has their own photography business and would also be able to provide advice?

Anyways, it would be great to get some feedback. Thanks and take care!

I need some advice

Okay, for the past 10 months I decided not to date anybody, but now that I am ready to enter the *~*glamarous*~* world of dating, I am already alongside a problem

This is from an earlier post in my own Livejournal
"okay, I've always liked Monisha.. I thought that she was alot smarter and prettier then everybody treated her.. but since 7th grade she has changed. According to Olivia [my best friend], Monisha thinks im really really really cute, and she loves how I am not interested in sex.. On the everyday i'd ask her out... but Olivia also said not to because she knows Monisha will hurt me. Monisha has been going out with some guy for a while, but on the side she has had some sex with a boy she "loves" that she has known longer, yet in still she was all over me at the fair. I like Monisha alot, i always have, but I dont want anybody who isnt committed to me, who cheats, lies, and has sex. She saved her number in my cellphone, and I am thinking of calling her.. but im not sure about it. It really depresses me how she isnt anybody I thought she was anymore. I am not hiding anything from her, but she is from me in simple words. I already know, as long as she is with either guy she isnt getting me.. but if she drops them, then what happens? I could hook up with her, but what if she isnt changed? Im saving myself for the right person, and she is sharing her love with the world....."

Before all this happened, I started crushing on one of my good friends Jessica. Me and her went to elementary school together, I am pretty close to her entire family, and I am the only guy her mom lets her hang out with. I want to ask Jessica out, but its just too akward to walk up to her and just ask her out.. If she says no, then things will be very akward. but if she says yes, then her mom may not like me as much anymore. We have alot on common and we just love to goof around.. we once played Go Fish, tic tac toe, and capture the flag over the telephone at 1am the night before the first day of school. I really really like her, but I know everything I do with her would be judgemental with all of our friends. They all think we should go out, but if I hurt her in any way, I lose everything. I dont want that

Alongside that, this girl I used to sit behind in homeroom in 8th grade, Nancy, told me that she had a crush on me in 8th grade, and I had a crush on her too. I kind of want to go out with her as well, but im not sure what we have in common, and she has a boyfriend (who she wants to break up with). Me and Nancy can find just random things to talk about, and alot of my friends think I should ask her out. She is very nice and very intelligant, but I dont know alot about her.

which is the best person?

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Hello :) I'm Aleisha, I just joined.

I've got a nice spare this block, and it's the first block, so I get to sit around my house in my pjs and slippers for a couple extra hours. And I can finish that math homework that I've neglected for the past 2 days :D

Well anyways, I need another cup, so I'm going to go get the kettle boiling. Nice to meet you all, hope to talk again soon =)
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Gah! I just lost a really long post >.< It's my first day back at college so I'm not in the best of moods ..

Hello I'm Anouk ^^ I'm sure I will bore you with my lifestory later on but for now ..

My parents want me to do a sort of anime-style painting for our tv room downstairs, I was going to do something Love Hina-esque but my mother seems to think it's some skind of "lesbian-porn" XD so that idea's out of the window, any ideas?

Hmm a crazy number of people here seem to have rain in their interests .. I thought I was the only one!

Anyway my interests etc are on my bio I can't be bothered to type everything up right now =P

Nice to meet you all ^^

Anouk x

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Just to Say Hi!

I just joined this community, and I just wanted to say hi to everyone first of all. From what I read, this community is just talking about the things that are going on in our lives and stuff like that. Are there any requirements for being a member? Well feel free to ask me any questions about myself! I am a REALLY BIG TALKER!!!! hehe! Oh, and my name is Kaitlyn.
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