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Closet Goths @ LJ.com

To those with light appearances, and Sisters of Mercy in their CD players.

Good morning all. Be it through an invite, knowing a member, or some other third way, you have found yourself here. Which means it's time for a FAQ.

Who? shizu_murasaki.

What? Obviously. This community.

When? ...Last year. I'm just getting around to doing this now that it's February 2006.

Where? Is that even a valid question?

Why? So that there would be a meeting ground for all the people out there that are interested in Gothic culture (ie. Music, movies, literature,) but don't appear Gothic on the outside, or as I have dubbed them, Closet Goths. I'm a Closet Goth and dang proud of it.

Who can join? Anyone who fits the above description. Actual Goths are allowed to join, because you are like role models to us. Those who are just beginning to get into the culture are welcome too.

What do I have to do to join? Not really that much. Just click on 'join this community' at the top of this page. And then fill answer the questions on this page and post them in the community.

What can I talk about here? ...Lots of things. Really anything that has to do with Goth culture works. Use you imagination. Also, icons and layouts are welcomed.

If you have any questions, you can post on the entry with the questions I mentioned above, AIM your gracious mod shizu_murasaki at emiliematsuto, or email her at otakuemchan@yahoo.com

That's all.