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Chiller Community

how chill are you?

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__Chiller is a rating community based mostly on personality. On occasion, we will judge people on their looks, but not often. It is a relatively new community, and we're open to new members. we don't bite! promise!

We have decided that the first 10 people to apply will get auto accepted. You still have to fill out an application though. 9 auto accepts left.

Participating means commenting on posts, voting and just making your own random posts. Feel free to add pictures, texts, stories... whatever you want! If a moderator does not like someone or wants to ban a member, that person is banned.(we're nice, we promise. you have to be a real asshole to be disliked by us : ) ) If a member does not like another member, they can either deal with it or call them out on it. no catfighting kiddos!

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No fighting or arguing with the moderators. If you do, we might just be forced to ban you.

When you post, please make the subject "stamped:(subject of post)", and remember that all posts are friends only. This allows more people to join. And we love members!

If you ever go on a trip or somewhere where you will not have access to the internet for a long period of time, just post saying so, because if you do not participate for a long time, we will think you died and we just might ban you. nothing personal... but who posts when they're dead?

Once you are banned, you can not come back, unless it is a special case like if you were rejected, you may reapply, or if you were inactive, therefore banned. You may not come back if we banned you for catfighting with another member. We try not to take sides in these situations, but bullying isn't fun.

When there is a new application, everyone must vote yes or no, depending on if they think the person should get in or not. Please provide a reason as to why you said what you said. If you don't want to, I guess you don't have to. Make it easier to count by putting your vote in the subject column.


We (the mods) are really easygoing with points. We will award you points for...

Posting randomly [50]

Posting random pictures [25 points each picture plus 50 for posting randomly]

Making us a banner [100]

Winning a contest [100]

Making a salute [150]

Referring people in a promo community [150]

Referring people NOT in a promo community [200]


100 points=a happy smile and pat on the back from us ^.^

200 points=exempt from any contest of your choice

300 points=add one question to the application... ANY question (that's appropriate)

We're fine with you guys promoting other communities on here, but not until you've been accepted. Make sure to stress that it is a PROMO in the subject [example- stamped::: promo]


You must be 13 years old or older.

When you submit your application,make the subject "I once froze to death". If you do not, you will be automatically rejected. This shows you read the rules. YES... they're long. But rather entertaining...

You have to fill out the application right after you join. If you post anything else, you will be spammed from the community.

Please make your application friends only.

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Currently, there are no contests. They will start when auto accepts are done! So keep promoting! or else! : D

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D.J.'s LiveJournal, Myspace

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Michelle's LiveJournal, Myspace

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