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Cheek To Cheek


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-Cheek To Cheek-
Cheek To Cheek is a rating community that is based on more than just your looks. We base our votes on your taste in music & movies. We also base our votes on your personality and your opinions. We arent like any other rating, as you will soon find out.

When you apply here you have a choice. You may choose between a judge or a jury. Meaning eithor a mod can vote on you and be the final decesion no questions asked, or everyone in the community is free to vote on you and the number of no's and yes' will be added at the end. Make sure you post at the top of your application Judge if you want a MOD to give you a yes or no, or Jury if you want the community to decide. If you do not post eithor, the community will decide on you.

1. Make all post FRIENDS ONLY.... Nevermind, do as you please. :)
2. Put all applications under a LJ-Cut. No LJ-Cut means auto NO.
3. Make the title of your post say "Sing A Song For Me" so we know you read all the rules.
4. Fill out all of the application. Dont leave anything blank. It is strongly frowned on if you do.
5. Dont comment in anyone's posts but your own untill accepted.
6. You can defend yourself, but dont start fights!
7. Once accepted, stay active! Failure to do so may get you kicked out.
8. Respect everyone.
9. If you do not get accepted, you may re-apply a day later.
10. Post eithor "Judge" or "Jury" at the begging of your application. (read above for reasoning)

Copy and paste this application UNDER A LJ-CUT!!!

Theme & Point Standings

--The Mods--
John Shermenti

Tiffany Traud

--Member of The Week--
Each week we will have a new "Member of The Week." It will be determined by how many points you have. In order to get points you have to post where you have promoted. Each post must have a min. of 5 promotion direct links. For each 1 you have you get a point. You can promote as much as you'd like, there is no maximum points you can earn. At the end of the week, (sunday) we tally up all the points and the person with the most will get there picture posted here. There are other ways to get points too!


  • 5 or more pts. - Promoting.
  • 3 - 4pts. - Doing the theme.
  • 2 - 3pts. - Picture posts. (pics of you, your friends, ur day to day life.)
  • 1 or more pts. - For being cool. We will just randomly give out points.

Check out the Theme & Point Standings page to see your points and find out this weeks theme.

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--Sister Communitys--