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soy una chica

Image hosted by Photobucket.comthe usualImage hosted by
¤Name on birth certificate;;Ashley Joyce McNair.
¤Nicknames&such;;Ash, and/or A.j.
¤Years experienced;;Fifteen.
¤Gender sexually attracted to;;Males.
¤Place of residence;;Birmingham, Alabama.
¤Committed? (include a picture if you are);;No.
¤Body mods;;Ear piercings, both lobes and cartilages.
¤Describe yourself in your own choice of words;;I'm a slow reactor, when it comes to heart break. I'll be perfectly fine for the first couple of weeks, and then it hits me. I hate when people try to help me, I was fine on my own for 4 years. I have a bit of a trust issue, I suppose a lot of people do. When people think of me, i'd like them to think "Oh, Ashley, that chick with class". Whether they do or not, eh, that's their opinion. I'm very irrisponsive, without sleep. I'm usually pretty wild, fun to be around, though when it comes to guys, I have my guard up. I find it hard to describe myself, because i'm still learning who I am. I have numerous friends, but very few can I go to with problems. I'm very hyper-active, just the fancy word for spaztik. I wish I were a tripple threat, but when I step back and look at my life, i'm not. Life is hard, but I'd like to think I get by pretty well.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comthe favoritesImage hosted by
¤Five bands [or musicians] & why you like them;;

  1. [The Sex Pistols] & porque→Songs about politics, and whatnot. I love old elngish punk bands.
  2. [Tegan and Sara] &
    porque→It's my "chill" music. When i'm doing fine, somewhat happy, I listen to tegan and sara.
  3. [Madball] & porque→My FUCK YOU music, when I want to knock someone's face in, it helps me establish violence, and save a life.
  4. [Azure Ray] & porque→She's the best female singer ever, in my opinion.
  5. [Freeze Pop] & porque→They're lyrics are of such intellect, and wit, it's amazing.

¤Five books & why you like them;;

  1. [The Age of Innocence] & porque→Adultery, scandal, mystery, All of which take place in this book. You can be involved in all this mischief, but not actually have to suffer the consequences.
  2. [An ad for murder] & porque→Almost every character in this book is a sophisticated author, yet they're all involved in this mystery murder. I like the fact that one keeps mouth shut, even in such cases as these.
  3. [Idiot's guide to PCs] & porque→I want to work with computers, career wise. This helped me a lot, and gave me some very useful information.
  4. [The Chronicles of Narnia] & porque→This book was adventure packed, it represented possibilites, and thought OUTSIDE this box we humans can't seem to step out of. SO what if it's childish? Nothing wrong with a little imagination.
  5. [Idiot's Guide to Catholicism] & porque→Again, just another book that gave me a little information about my faith. I understand what it's about now, other than what I hear from my priest.

¤Five movies & why you like them;;

  1. [The Kingdom of Heaven] & porque→I loved the suspense of not knowing when another person was going to get their throat sliced.
  2. [War of the Worlds] & porque→The graphics in this movie were awesome. I was amazed, and glued to the screen the whole time.
  3. [Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants] & porque→The ONLY movie that has ever made me sob like a baby.
  4. [The blue lagoon] & porque→It IS possible to live with out the every day appliances of this lazy society, that's what i liked so much about this movie.
  5. [Hitched] & porque→
This movie had me laughing the whole time, and very rare do I find a movie like that.
¤Favorite video game;;Crash Bandicoot.
¤Favorite period/era in history & why;;70s-80s, Old english punk age. Facism vs. Communism, I love it.
¤Favorite t.v. show;;CSI Miami, I like to try to solve the mystery before the PIs do.
¤Favorite animal;;Dolphins, because they're animals of wisdom.
¤Favorite place & why;;New York City, because it's huge and lit up! SO beautiful, I absolutely love it.
¤Favorite superhero & why;;Captain Underpants, he's a real hero to me, and because his comic books make me chuckle.
¤Favorite electronic;;My iPod, for sure.
¤Favorite writing utensil;;Mechanical pencil, because pens you can't erase, and regular pencils go dull too easily.
¤Favorite beverage;;Water.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comyour opinions on...Image hosted by
¤Media;;Should go down with out a fight.
¤Video Game Violence and its effects on people;;They rate video games, fucking buy the right ones, and you won't have to put up with violence.
¤School;;Sucks, but you have to go. There's no way around it, and it can actually be of some help in the future.
¤Obesity rate in the US;;Less fast food, and candy.[Although I am a huge fan of fast food.]
¤Labels;;Get down with who you want to. Labels really aren't neccesary, so what? Because black is more appealing to ones eye, you're going to classify them? Psh. We don't need that shit.
¤Grammar;;Very important, all it takes is one more letter to make most of those internet acronyms complete.
¤"The ends justify the means";;Sure.
¤Wahoo, Nebraska;;Yeah, fun place.
¤Religion & Spirituality;;As cheesy as this may sound, follow your heart. You are who you are.
¤Anarchy;;I'm somewhat tired of seeing kids draw anarchy signs on their paper without any of knowledge of what it means.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comrandom things relating to you and the communityImage hosted by
¤Best quality;;Trust-worthy.
¤Worst quality;;Insecurity.
¤How did you find out about this community? If you were promoted to, who promoted?;;I'm a mod at a sister community, _cunnts
¤One critique & one compliment on each of the mods;;
¤One critique & one compliment on the community;;I love the theme, you took something and ran with it.
¤Make us a promotional banner;;
Image hosted by
¤Promote us in your user info & in four other places and link us:
¤What pokemon would you like to apply for & why?;;eevee, cute and dangerous.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comthe random stuffImage hosted by
¤Website most frequently visited?;;
¤Tell us a story or a joke;;
This old couple is ready to go to sleep, so the old man lays on the bed, and the old woman lays on the floor. The old man asks, "Why are you going to sleep on the floor?" The old woman replies, "Because I want to feel something hard for a change."
Ehhh, yeah, i'm a sicko.

¤Lyric that describes your life;;
It's just a simple life
I can still hear it all of the time
If i can just hold on tonight
I now that nothing
Nothing survives
Nothing survives
I think i'm turned around
I'm looking up
Not looking down
And when i'm standing still
Watching you run
Watching you fall
Fall into me

Am i making something worthwhile out of this place
Am i making something worthwhile out of this chase
I am displaced
I am displaced

And she's my friend of all friends
She's still here when everyone's gone
She doesn't have to say a thing
We'll just keep laughing all night long
All night long

[Azure Ray-Displaced]
¤What you [want to do/are doing/did after] high school;;I want to persure graphic designing and/or animation.
¤Pet Peeve;;I go crazy when some goes in and out a door more than once within 5 minutes. More like OCD. ;\
¤Favorite screenname;;uh oh speed bump

Image hosted by Photobucket.comvisual aidsImage hosted by
¤Picture of your favorite person/animal;;
Image hosted by
¤Picture of your favorite place;;
Image hosted by
¤Picture with no relevant meaning;;
Image hosted by
¤Trippy Picture;;
Image hosted by

¤At least five pictures of you [no more than ten];;
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
¤One 150x150 picture for the Members Page;;
I can't resize right now, I'll try to later!

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