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alright. so where do i start?

thursday was my last day of exams. i got all a's on my exams. go me. that means straight a's. go me again. anyway, i have some bitching to do.

alright what happened to people actually giving a shit? honestly, i dont understand it. the people you like to call "your best friends" ignore you for god knows how long yet you sit there and still call them your best friend? alright sounds. wait...no it doesn't. because you're a bitch, and i dont give a shit what reason you give me, i'm not taking your shit anymore. it's old and i dont need it. hell, i dont need you.

alright i did my sleeping in...its 9:10. LOL. pathetic i know. but what can i say? its the first day of summer, i can do whatever the hell i please. caitlin and i went around looking for jobs yesterday. hopefully ill get one, i need one really bad. you know, considering my daddy doesn't hand me money whenever i need it :). sorry im being way too mean and honest today. OH WELL, get over it bitch.

that's all for now. i will update later. RYAN WRITE SOMETHING YOU STUPID FAG. *itches*

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