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ISO Chanel hanger [Wednesday
7:30PM & 6-25-14]

ISO Chanel cloth hanger with gold logo.
Chanel is Love

8:33PM & 10-20-12]

NEW SALE! Please help me clear out! 

(Preview pic DOES NOT include Chanel lot, nail polishes, jewelry, wallet, or iPod! Click the cut to see more!) 

Chanel, MAC, Dior, Hourglass, YSL, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Betsey Johnson, Juicy, Sephora Collection, iPod TouchCollapse )
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Coco Chanel French Runway Couture Logo Earrings [Sunday
7:30AM & 8-19-12]

Selling a pair of authentic Chanel clip-on earrings. I also have some other name brand things from Prada and Coach here.
Shipping varies based on location. I ship from the US, 100% positive feedback found here.

Coco Chanel "French Runway Couture" Logo Earrings: $450

[More detail photos]

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Selling Gucci & Michael Kors [Friday
5:58PM & 7-13-12]

Selling Gucci crocodile hightops, size 8/9 mens - fit a size 10 women. $300 shipped.

Michael Kors gold chronograph watch, $100 shipped.

100% authentic. Comment below if interested!
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1:11AM & 7-4-12]


Designer Items!!!
Chanel,Betsey Johnson,HK,Dior ,Clothes and more
IMG_20120703_212957.jpg image by MelissaMathers258betseyearringsxo.jpg image by MelissaMathers258

New items added every week

Check it out gals :)


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edit [Thursday
11:19PM & 3-8-12]

Chanel is Love

10:13PM & 10-15-11]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Are there fake Chanel nail polishes out there? I recently got Fire and the bottle number says 59, not 159 like 95% of searches come up with. This is my first Chanel polish so I don't know what to look for.

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Sunday Sale [Sunday
5:44PM & 7-17-11]


Lots of MAC- some Chanel- some Wet 'n Wild- some other stuff too

Vampires beware

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ISO Rouge Allure Laque Dragon no 75/Coromandel 72 [Saturday
12:53PM & 5-7-11]

 Hiya! Looking to buy either but at under market price. Doesn't have to be BN. =)

Thank you!
Chanel is Love

11:09PM & 1-19-11]

 Hi please check out my LJ@[info]japanese_queen  for Asian Drama DVDS, Japanese and Taiwanese magazines, Jpop music scores, KTV and music CDS, Cute and Designer clothing and bags! :D
Need quick sales so cheap prices
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3 Replica Chanel 2.5 bags for sale! [Saturday
5:27PM & 9-4-10]

Brand new.
Paypal only.

White with silver hardware.
Tan with silver hardware
Pink with gold hardware.

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11:28AM & 5-1-10]


New items up melz201 
Chanel Black an White Bag
Chanel Diamond CC necklace with stud
Chanel Black and White Studs
4pc HK set

Tiffan&CO Return to Tiffany Rings and Toggle Necklace

Or will do Everything fo $50
Chanel Black and White Bag
Tiffany &CO Return to Tiffany Ring
Tiffany&Co. Return to Tiffany Toggle Bracelet
Chanel Black Dangle CC's
Chanel Diamond CC necklace w/ Diamond Studs
Chanel Orange CC necklace
Chanel Yellow CC Necklace
Chanel Orang and Yellow CC earrings
Chanel Red Logo Necklace
Chanel Hunter Green CC necklace
amazing deal over 15 items w/ Chanel Bag!
Chanel is Love

8:23PM & 2-15-10]


Chanel Gift Bag - £2/$3.50
Beside medium sized hairspray can, so you can see size comparison
I ship worldwide, ask for shipping.
Chanel is Love

3:06AM & 12-31-09]

- PayPal only!
- No trades whatsoever
- Click on each thumbnail for HQ images
- All prices include shipping to the U.S.; Canadian buyers will have to pay a bit more
- I combine shipping! I give discounts to people who buy multiple items and try to be very generous. :)
- The authentic Chanel boxes are for the first 2 people who spend $50 or more, and request the box in their order! First come first serve.
- If you have any questions or need more info on anything, please don't hesitate to ask! I'd be more than happy to tell you anything else, or even take more pics.

Preview of just a few of my items for sale:


Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, GAP, Forever 21, Mark by Avon, various cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, headbands, accessories, and much, much more!Collapse )
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Alexa Chungs Chanel lace up boots :) for sale !! [Tuesday
9:18PM & 12-29-09]


SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I own a pair and wear mine every day. I am selling 2 different sizes one in 8.5 and one in 9. which is 39 and 39.5. I wear size US 8 and i got the 38.5 which is still really a tight fit. I can fit into the 39 perfectly :)

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real or fake? [Monday
5:37PM & 12-14-09]

i need your help, guys:

is this a real chanel scarf?Collapse )
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selling petite shopper tote [Monday
3:22PM & 11-23-09]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hi guys! I'm about to list my PST on ebay.. but wanted to see if anyone here wanted it before i posted it. it's in MINT condition. guaranteed authentic.

more pictures behind the cut..Collapse )
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[OPEN] HURRY!!!!!! - 10% Discount on COACH - [Sunday
9:36PM & 11-22-09]


10% Discount on

!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!

I am entitled to Coach 10% discount on all items at Coach Boutique AND Authorized Retail Store

Take 10% off any full priced Coach bag that is available for selection in

CLOSING DATE: 2 Dec 2009 5pm (Singapore time)

Price Calculation:
Price in S$ = US$ x 10% discount x 1.05 (sales tax) + Handling fee & International Shipping x 1.45(exchange rate)

International shipping fee is as below:
Skinny/keyfobs: US$6
Wristlets : US$10
Swingpacks/ small pouches/wallets: US$16
Small handbags: US$22
Medium handbags: US$28
Large handbags: US$38 (if it exceed 4 lbs)

Terms & Conditions:
1. All items are purchase form Coach boutique or Coach authorized retail store on 2 Dec 2009 & Shipped on 4th Dec 2009.
2. All items will be shipped via USPS First Class International Mail, which takes 10-12 business days to reach Spore. Premium postage option and insurance are available with additional charges.
3. All items will come with gift receipts.
4. All items will be carefully inspected for defects eg scratches or stains before shipping out. Please note that there will be natural imperfections for leather items are not considered defect.
5. We give full refund if your order is out of stock.
6. No Payment = No order. Full payment must be made before we place your order with the boutique stores.

Please email your order in the following format:
Style Name:
Style Number:
Color :
Alternative color/ style if OOS:
Price in S$:
Mailing address:



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Selling auth sunglasses [Saturday
10:20PM & 11-21-09]


Hi guys! i'm selling chanel sunnies over HERE if you were interested.
they're the same style that mary kate and ashley love so much!
100% authentic!
Chanel is Love

Jewelry & Make-up For Sale!! -- Repost [Saturday
2:09AM & 11-21-09]

I've lowered the prices!! `=D

jewelry banner

P.S.---Shipping is on me!!! `=D
Chanel is Love

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