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I really need the extra prize money right now to help out with my medical bills from my stroke that I had about 3 months ago!

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A Entry From The Mother Blog!

"Another one of my rants on “time”

Time… I don’t have it. I try to keep all of my to do’s and to don’ts in check and in order but nothing seems to work.

As you probably know. I had a stroke a month and a week ago. It prevented me from being able to perform or work on my online projects updating my sites and all of the normal work I generally have to do for nearly 3 weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that I was in the hospital for over a week and couldn’t read a lick for two weeks.

Someone eventually brought my net-book to the hospital for me to try to check my emails which by that point were backed up worse than I have ever seen them. ( I generally get about 300-400 emails a day. They range from business folks, affiliates, members, fans and some of these emails are well disguised spam which has to be waded through to determine which is which…)

When I first got my sick little hands on my tiny net-book I was so infuriated at the fact that I couldn’t understand ANY of my emails or ANY of my instant messages. My Doctor said I shouldn’t worry about it and that I should try to take it easy until the first of the new year. But I just can’t do things like that. I have to push my limits..."

You can see the rest of this blog entry by going to my free blog here:

You can see some other pretty cool stuff there as well!

Thanks for reading!

An explanation about :) And teasers!

You probably are wondering why I wanted a page on considering I have my own site and all...

Well it's pretty simple, I like to shake my ass! Like back in the day when I first got my own crappy little webcam I started posting dumb little dancing videos on youtube. I didn't have my own site back then, all I had was a model page with a few nude sets on the now dead

The videos got me a lot of awesome attention and I even started doing custom booty dance videos and other types of videos in exchange for random gifts off of my amazon wishlist:) I still do a similar type of bartering these days from time to time like right now I am giving away one month memberships to if a person buys me one of these much needed hat racks! If they buy all 4 I will give them a 6 month pass:)

So then a webmaster approached me about doing my own site since I was turning out these videos so quickly on sites like youtube and that was history. From there I have gone on to do more explicit work on my site such as masturbation videos and sex "tapes", which is the bulk of the content on there at this point...

Also houses my MANY photo sets that I do both professionally and more amateur along with my 19 24/7 spy cams all around my house for my members to check out what I am doing up in here anytime they feel like it (that's my FAVORITE part of my site!) and lastly my daily nude members shows.

Because my site has a ton of features like the ones mentioned above as well as a ton of other things like access to tons of other folk's spy cams and shows the price (although still VERY modest in my opinion) reflects that... Anywhere from $20-30 depending on the type of membership you might choose.

I realized recently however there are many pervs out there that still want to see my old fashioned booty dance videos but really aren't into watching me be fucked, stick things in my vagina, sit around all day, wrestle with my dog or pick my nose. They just like to keep it simple! Which is the main reason I decided to offer my page. On there, there will be no masturbating, shows, spy cams, fucking or in short "porn"... just good old naked ass shaking showing off my hot ass and juicy little holes for their imaginations to do with what they will:)

I update weekly usually with a amateur photo set, professional photo set, video, and tons of webcam snaps weekly. will update 2 or 3 times a week with a strip tease video of me twerking my ass for your pleasure! Because it's more basic and doesn't have all the awesome stuff has the price is very MODEST! I did this on purpose! My price is cheaper than any of the other girls on because I couldn't justify asking for another $30 when it wasn't going to have as much awesome crap on it as my main site, so I am charging just like $12 for a whole month on there. I think this is very affordable and I hope you will agree.

I don't expect members of to go buy memberships to or vice versa, if you want to AWESOME! However if you wanted to I wanted to make sure it would be affordable to do so and I hope you'll appreciate that as most other models charge $35ish a month to view their pages. You'll love both but if you are more into one or the other I will continue to look forward to entertaining you in the ways you love to see me!

If you notice on my tweets that I seem like I am updating more than right now please don't be alarmed and think that site it getting a better deal, it's not. is and will always be my heart. It's a labor of love and I enjoy making content for it and running it more than you may ever know and it will always continue to get my best work... Like if there is a strip tease that is just fucking the coolest ever or has like more masturbation/explicit content in it than I would like to see on it will always be in FIRST! I am just trying to catch up with the other gals right now with the number of videos they have on their pages and once I do I will slow down to 2-3 times a week like I stated before.

Now here are some teasers from!!!


It's like the RealWorld up in here! (NSFW!!!!!)

I take pics like daily of me just messing around on cam. I took this one after one of my daily members shows and I think it's pretty hot, if I may so myself:)

This was a pic I took during my weekly themed show last week. I was doing a 1940's “old Hollywood” kind of theme. Ha I did the whole show to the Blue Velvet sound track too which pretty much ruled!

And these are two photos from this weeks high quality photoset. I took these when I had those awesome braids awhile ago. I think I am gonna do my hair like this again soon actually but with lighter more natural colors:

And just in case you didn't know I have 18 24/7 live cams now. I did have 15. I actually had a SECOND internet line installed today so I would have enough bandwidth to run them all and not have them mess up my regular online stuff. My goal is to have 20:) I even have a foot cam now that's under my desk! I know that's not for everyone but I like it so SUE ME! :) is the stuff dreams are made of... awwwweeeeeee!