Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in __camwhores,
Jessa Flux

Super Hot Freebie Photos!

Here's one more from that flexibility set that went up on two weeks ago!
See my webcam at
I got this camera to use to make videos when I started my site almost 5 years ago! (It will be 5 awesome years this Fall!) Although I haven't used it in forever to make videos I DID use it as a night vision spy cam in my bedroom for like EVER! Well it died finally and I'm totally bummed so I took this photo of it before tossing it in memory of it's awesomeness!
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Here are 2 super cute pics of me modelling my band, The Gorilla Monsoon's new t-shirts we just got in to sell!
See my webcam at
See my webcam at
And there ya have it! I hope you enjoy the random pics! ;)

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