Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in __camwhores,
Jessa Flux

Vote 4 My Booty Plz! FREE FLIPPIN VIDEO! :)

So please take the time to click “vote” for me in this hot booty shakin’ contest! It’s super easy (all you gotta do is click “vote”! You don’t even have to put in a lame captcha) and the video is FREE to enjoy! You can also download it and keep it if you like!

I’m really proud of this video and it’s one of my first I’ve ever done in 1080p HD. People kept asking for HD so I caved! :)

It’s totally free to view and download and all I ask in return is that you click the “vote” button below the video.

As an added intensive to vote, if I win I’ll be posting the full version of this video in which I strip down to full on buttnakkedness and even use a dildo! I’ll be posting this on a tube site for you to all enjoy and also I’ll be making it available to download!

Please get your friends to vote too. It just started this morning and goes on until 2am Thursday night! I think you can only vote once per IP address though so if you have any friends that would vote as well please pass the love along! You could post the link anywhere and ask peeps to vote to ensure that I win and YOU get the awesome free smut as a reward for helping me out!

Here are some stills from the contest video! Enjoy!
See my webcam at
See my webcam at
See my webcam at
See my webcam at
See my webcam at
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